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The Stop Gap Lover

December 23, 2008 9 comments

“Every single woman has at least three boyfriends – one for each key feminine desire.”


Mr. Sex Me, Love Me & Provide for me interchange roles as stop gap lovers

Gentlemen, does your girlfriend have a habit of discussing your relationship problems with other dudes? What about girls who insist on having a gay friend? Have you ever noticed your girlfriend or wife spending hours on the phone with some bloke you know she would never sleep with, but it perplexes you anyway? Have you ever noticed that your girlfriend keep a scrawny or overweight, unattractive geek around who always tries to play hero when you exercise your God-given rights to act like a jerk when the game is on or when your boys come over?

Ladies, have you ever wondered why some guys never introduce you to their friends? Have you ever wondered why he only comes over for sex, tv and gifts, but never invites you out to party with him, has never asked you out on a “real” date, or is not interested in meeting your family or friends? What about guys who are always “hiding” when they’re having sexual relations with you? What about those guys who never call after you’ve borne your soul out to them telling them how you feel or after you’ve given them the best sex ever? Do you ever wonder why you’ve had so many great flings, but no real relationships? Are you tired of being some guys’ secret lover?

If you have had any of these concerns, then read on. Herein lies an eye opener for all of you. This article will explain everything. 😉

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Why Women Play Games

August 9, 2008 29 comments

Women use men to validate their sexuality while men use women to satiate theirs.

— Xenocrates

Girl dancing on a table.

There are many situations I’ve heard of where guys complain that romance often feels like a game of sorts. Why can’t a guy simply approach a woman and indicate his intentions without having to jump through hoops and play these silly (perhaps even childish) mind games? Of a truth, women do appear to play needless mind games, but who says you have to play along?

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Why Nice Guys Finish Last

June 8, 2008 29 comments

“Women are only attracted to men who behave like men.”


Nice GuyThis one is dedicated to all the guys out there who will never break a woman’s heart; the guys who will always be a friend when she needs one, will always be her comforting shoulder when her boyfriend goes postal, will always offer their shoulder for them to cry on – and despite all of this, for some reason, still inexplicably find themselves STUCK IN THE FRIEND ZONE. Gentlemen, I salute you. I feel your pain. Even though you have been the ultimate guy in waiting, you find that the woman you constantly adore, the one for whom you offer yourself as a bridge over a puddle of mud – will never love you back. Why are women so duplicitous in their intentions towards men who are not jerks? Over the last month, I’ve sampled some fine female selections from the gene pool and I’ve come to realise why. Brace yourselves gentlemen. This one is going to hurt. Read more…