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The Poisoning of The Black Diaspora

March 9, 2011 31 comments

While every act of racism is an act of prejudice, not every act of prejudice is necessarily racist.



Black in a White Country

It's challenging being black in a white country.

February was considered black history month. However, I have since noticed a particularly disturbing trend lately and it appears to be more of a remnant of black history that still infects the present attitudes of blacks, particularly those living in many North American and European states. It appears there is still a portion of the black populace that largely hates other races and some of them have been drawn to this space — and probably for all the wrong reasons.

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The Root of All Evil

October 22, 2010 36 comments

We are only capable of good because we are intrinsically evil.


What is evil? The first thing that comes to the mind of many is the wanton and indiscriminate destruction of life by one of another. But evil is far more systemic than that. In fact, when the Bible asserts that the love of money is the root of all evil, it is being fatuously narrow minded. The love of money is merely a coefficient. The root of all evil is much, much deeper than that.

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World Cup 2010 Highlights

July 14, 2010 4 comments

…the quintessential flaw with any human invention is that humans are the inventors.


FIFA World Cup 2010 Trophy

The World Cup Trophy as seen before the 2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa Final Match.

Now that the tournament is over, it’s time to reflect on it – through a series of timely parodies of the motivational poster theme. The real highlights of this World Cup (like all the others) will live on in infamy through the many controversies that plagued it. In this post, I cover some of the more entertaining spills of the 2010 FIFA World Cup that was recently held in South Africa.

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Cognitive Resonance and Self Fulfilling Prophecies

July 11, 2010 3 comments

Prophecies regarding human behavior are only fulfilled once they are believed.


The Spanish team celebrates their world cup 2010 win.

Did you see what just happened today in South Africa? Spain, an underdog after only 13 World Cup appearances, defeated The Netherlands for the championship win. So how did Spain get to a final in the first place? It’s because they beat Germany 1-0 after Germany beat Argentina 4-0, England 4-1 and Australia 4-0. How did this upset happen? Because of raw Spanish skill? Please. Spain beat Germany because of belief in a prediction by an allegedly “psychic” Octopus.
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Why the USA will never embrace Soccer

July 2, 2010 7 comments

“The rules are only decided by winners while the losers only get to follow them.”


Asamoah Gyan of Ghana scores against the USA.

It is football season. No, I don’t mean that bloodsport between monstrous men that clash bones and rend muscle in what amounts to little more than an out dated version of rugby on steroids – literally. I mean football – a game that is actually played with the foot. It’s also called “Soccer” and it’s the greatest game on Earth – the only one America sucks at. I’ll give you 10 reasons why.
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