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What’s the point of it all?

August 3, 2012 Leave a comment

God is the correct answer to a silly question.


This fantastic sight wasn’t created. It evolved that way. The NGC 1672 Spiral Galaxy © Hubble Telescope.

A young woman confronted me recently about my last post. She was angry at me because it made sense. All her life, even though she doesn’t subscribe to any particular religion, she still wanted to believe that somewhere out there, there was something more than the life that we have. Apparently she was dissatisfied with how her life turned out and hoped that there was something more. So I conceded that yes, there is something more, but it is probably not spiritual. She was furious: “Why not?” She prodded. “How else can we explain our existence if there isn’t some grand purpose to it?” This post is my answer to her question.

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The Anatomy of Racism (Part 2 of 4)

February 27, 2012 1 comment

The history of Africa is the story of God’s most cruel joke on mankind.


Blood Diamond Workers

Workers on a diamond field in Africa. These diamonds will go onto the fingers and around the necks of rich white Caucasians. So how exactly did the home of black people become the treasure vault of white people?

Racism affects everyone. However, there is probably no group that knows the sting of racism better than black Africans and their descendants living in the first world diaspora. Why does it seem that black people are targeted by other races? They have been enslaved at least five times in world history (more than any other human phenotype) and have been victims of the longest running human violation in history. Why is this the case? I discuss the answer to this rather tantalizing question in this post. It seems that nature is far more cruel than we know.

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We’re All Africans

January 31, 2011 31 comments

There’s no point describing a person as being of African descent — that’s describing the entire human race.

– Xenocrates

Y Chromosome Migration PatternsY Chromosome Migration map of the last 70,000 years. © 2008; Scientific American

Every time I hear people refer to black folk as “people of African descent”, I chuckle a little bit inside. What’s even more amusing is the common practice of referring to white folk as people of North Eastern European descent. Both expressions are largely incorrect. The research of the Human Genome project over the last 20 years has proven in fact that we are all Africans.

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The Intelligence Bottleneck

June 14, 2010 2 comments

“While our minds may have evolved, our bodies have not.”


I recently discovered that the reason why moths fly into an open flame is because they were engineered by nature to navigate by night using the light of the moon. However, when men came around and invented fire, it messed with the moth’s navigation system – which 70,000 years later, has not yet been upgraded by natural evolution. The same problem also affects humans.

It is why men are capable of being in love with more than one woman, why several women are mutually inclined to gravitate towards one man, why a teen girl who knows about unwanted pregnancy would still have unprotected sex, and why boys aware of the outcome of truancy will still drop out of school.

We’re making these observations not because they’re strange, but because our society has made them seem that way after many centuries of cognitive evolution. The vast disparity between intellect and nature that results creates what I would like to call an Intelligence Bottleneck. This is a perfectly good explanation for some of the inexplicably stupid things rational humans still do.

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Why Life is not fair

July 25, 2009 52 comments

If survival is only for the fittest then all men weren’t created equal.


fish-failSurvival is only for the fittest. No exceptions.

Life is all about survival. Survival is all about competition. There would be no point to there being a competition if we all were made exactly identical to each other. We may all be of the same general design, but where the environment is concerned, some of us are much better implemented than others. That’s why only the fittest will survive while even the fit, will perish.

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Atheism Exposed: Naturalism

May 3, 2009 33 comments

The domain of natural science is natural science, not metaphysics. The fields are logically incompatible.”



Naturalists are the strongest of all atheists. They believe that all things can be explained by natural laws and causality. They believe that nature is all that there is and therefore, natural science can be used to invalidate God’s existence. The obvious challenge with this position is that it presumes the domain of natural science extends to all other fields of knowledge. Not only does it make this imprecise leap of logic, but it also misconstrues the intention of Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution with the intention of using it for something it was never designed. This is the fifth and final post in the series exposing the innate fallacies of atheism. Be forewarned; this one’s an epic.

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Atheism Exposed: Pragmatism

April 11, 2009 4 comments

“Godlessness it seems, is not without a sense of purpose.”



Apatheism (or Pragmatic Atheism) is perhaps the most popular agnostic concept. It is less concerned with arguments for or against the existence of any god and is more concerned with living life as though there wasn’t one. This indifference to the existence of or need for god is often bound in the concept that morality and theism are mutually exclusive. While that may be inherently true, pragmatic atheists often use this as justification for their  liberal lifestyles. Then some go as far as to attempt to redefine the status quo in the pursuit of ridding the world of its mythological entrapment. Either way, whether it is taking god out of schools or reducing the value of marriage, godlessness it seems, is not without a sense of purpose.

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