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Strange Things People Do

April 5, 2010 9 comments

“While wisdom is the application of knowledge, experience is its only teacher.”


Tiger, Uppercut

While watching the parade of idiocy that perniciously masquerades on the world scene through the efforts of the tepid human souls that find themselves caught up with them, I am compelled to observe that the quality of human nature is not quite as high as I imagined. People do some really strange things.

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The Stupid Gene

November 18, 2009 10 comments

“Stupidity is an unfortunate but necessary by product of cognitive evolution.”


Every once in a while, we hear about someone doing something so profoundly dumb, that it makes us wonder what compelled them to do it in the first place. However, stupidity is not exclusive to people who are notably less intelligent than others. In fact, if you think about it, you’ll see how pervasive it really is.

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Faux News

November 28, 2008 4 comments

“Deceive one and you’re a liar. Deceive thousands and you’re a cable news channel.”


Faux News I’ve been watching cable news for a long time and I will admit that running a 24 hour cable news network on live national television is no small feat. That’s why occasionally, even with the best intentions, the monotony can get to the producers who have to be constantly coming up with new ideas and ways to tell true stories. That’s why any cable news channel has to have a bevy of staff writers and producers who are constantly innovating. They have to. But no matter how hard they try, human emotion always finds a way into the mix with these gloomy lunatics with their fluffy boom sticks and their cheap verbal tricks. Now some cable news channels make this faux pas only every once in a while. Unfortunately, some like Fox News make that mistake frequently. Now even though CNN and other stations clearly have some liberal bias, at least they have the dignity to not make it appear so blatantly. Fox News on the other hand is clearly conservatively biased and has unapologetically exposed themselves as a Republican propaganda machine. Yet, they have the audacity to classify themselves as being “fair and balanced”. How is this possible? It’s based on a very simple explanation really. Allow me to elaborate:
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The Obama Nation

November 10, 2008 8 comments

“Politics is the subtle art of convincing other people that they already agree with your opinion.”


Obama, Triumphant

After a long, protracted and vicious political fight, Barack Obama, a 47 year old senator from Illinois,  clinched a very decisive victory over his Republican rival, John McCain – all while still only on his first term as a senator. That’s a huge accomplishment, considering he only became senator in 2004. This is the definition of a meteoric rise. All over the world, the second coming of Chri… err… I mean, Obama’s victory signaled the end of eight years of a political mess of epic proportions under the previous administration. This is HUGE. But I don’t think half of America realises how huge this really is. Most people are clueless of the true combo buster Obama used to decisively win this one. In this post, I expose the true genius of Obama’s campaign. This was no election. This is the beginning of an epic revolution. Barack Obama is much bigger than I originally thought he was.

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