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The Homosexuality Conundrum

April 30, 2010 11 comments

“While everyone is obligated to love their neighbor, no one is obligated to love their ways.”


This picture is so gay. No, really.

Homosexuality has been with mankind from the dawn of civilization. Even so, there is a fundamental problem that lies at the very heart of the homosexual movement that most its supporters seem suspiciously oblivious to. This post is an attempt to present rational, objective, non-religious justification against the needless rationalization of homosexuality and the hot issue of gay marriage.

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The Abuse of Religion

October 14, 2007 Leave a comment

“Religion is the staple of the gullible as like superstition, common sense is  its greatest enemy.”


You ever wonder why you go to church and see so many unattractive, single people? Have you ever wondered where all the hot womem / men are? Better yet, why is it that so many churches are populated by mostly women? Where are the rest of the men? Do you ever wonder why some of the most ignorant or superstitious people are also found in religious circles? Why are religious people (irrespective of their religion of choice) so inclined to extremist behaviour? Are you one of those people that these questions have occurred to but you’ve conveniently ignored? There’s a very good reason for all of this, and it takes it’s root from a fundamental ‘flaw’ in human nature:

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Sin Responsibly

October 7, 2007 2 comments

“Religion seems more suited for purposes of comfort rather than practicality.”


Every religious pundit has their own justification for not comitting sin. The justifications will sometimes agree, but most of the times it is a war of who’s more righteous than the other. What amuses me is that most of the times, the idiots fail to realise that sin is as much a part of human nature as sex. You’re not human if you don’t sin and sinning is inextricably inevitable. It’s like they expect people to become super men and women by subscribing to some religious philosophy. No matter how much I believe I can fly, jumping off a cliff will still cause me to paint the rocks below me all different shades of red.

Religious philosophy if anything only makes people more aware of the fact that they’re human. The danger in these systems is that they create so much pressure on people to adhere to these standards, that people tend to forget that we’re all bad guys by default (hence why we needed Jesus in the first place). It is human nature to be evil – that’s why we often describe pleasurable things as being “decadent” and “sinful” – as if pleasure in an of itself is a bad thing. If sin is pleasurable (a = b) and God designed human beings to enjoy pleasure (b = c), then just like how a = c, God designed humans to sin! Isn’t that just… wonderfully liberating?

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