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The Poisoning of The Black Diaspora

March 9, 2011 31 comments

While every act of racism is an act of prejudice, not every act of prejudice is necessarily racist.



Black in a White Country

It's challenging being black in a white country.

February was considered black history month. However, I have since noticed a particularly disturbing trend lately and it appears to be more of a remnant of black history that still infects the present attitudes of blacks, particularly those living in many North American and European states. It appears there is still a portion of the black populace that largely hates other races and some of them have been drawn to this space — and probably for all the wrong reasons.

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The Price of Freedom

May 31, 2010 5 comments

“The quintessential flaw with freedom is that it capriciously facilitates both good and evil.”


Police wage war with criminal elements in Kingston, Jamaica

Drugs Lords are a dime a dozen. The bad boy from Jamaica who took the law into his own hands to form his own government under the auspices of the Jamaican government knew this all too well. However, before anyone can condemn Christopher Coke, one must understand that he is not very different from any other human being. His only crime is that he abused his freedom.

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Haiti vs. Religious Nonsense

January 18, 2010 12 comments

“God doesn’t care about human existence anymore than the Sun cares that life is on Earth.”


When an earthquake decimated Port-au-Prince in Haiti on January 12, 2010, it basically destroyed any hope of recovery for the poorest western nation. It had already been suffering from four hurricanes which rebooted their economy several years in a row and centuries of political upheaval and social instability.

So how exactly are Haiti’s problems related to a pact with the devil?

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Why is being Biracial an issue?

September 13, 2009 13 comments

“People seem to instinctively value group membership more than group purpose.”


This is a trailer for a documentary called “I’m biracial… not black, damnit!“. It chronicles an ongoing and topical issue among Americans. Is a person who is mixed to identify with blacks or whites? Personally I think the whole issue is moot. Scientifically, the question is as irrelevant as the whole topic of race.

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Do Black Men Prefer White Women?

June 6, 2009 290 comments

“While everyone is entitled to their preferences, true love has no colour…”


Obsessed (2009) still
In the film Obsessed (2009), a deranged white woman (played by Ali Larter) comes on rather strongly to a powerful black executive (played by Idris Elba). Thereafter, the film becomes a setup for the ultimate cat fight between the white woman and the black man’s wife (played by Beyoncé Knowles). The plot reverses the black man pursues white woman stereotype.

While it is obvious that the film’s ludicrous plot is nothing more than a visualization of the revenge fantasy of every black woman who has ever lost a lover to a white woman, it does beg the question: Do black men prefer white women? Is there any truth to this stereotype? I explore this and other related issues in this thought provoking piece on sex and racial politics.

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The Science of Beauty

February 4, 2009 90 comments

“While beauty may be skin deep, ‘pretty’ is still a very compelling argument.”


Miss World

What is beauty? How do we know when someone is beautiful? Is it really in the eyes of the beholder? Is it specific to individual preference? Is beauty something that is culturally indigenous? Is one race naturally more beautiful than another? Are beautiful people better than the rest of us? Are beautiful people naturally shallow? These are all valid questions that most people tend to make incorrect assumptions about. The answers may surprise you (as they did me). As it turns out, a lot of what is commonly associated with beauty is largely based on bias and a lack of understanding of the factors that make someone beautiful. In this post, I explore all of these in great detail. So whether you’re beautiful or aesthetically challenged, you may find this post of great interest.

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The Obama Nation

November 10, 2008 8 comments

“Politics is the subtle art of convincing other people that they already agree with your opinion.”


Obama, Triumphant

After a long, protracted and vicious political fight, Barack Obama, a 47 year old senator from Illinois,  clinched a very decisive victory over his Republican rival, John McCain – all while still only on his first term as a senator. That’s a huge accomplishment, considering he only became senator in 2004. This is the definition of a meteoric rise. All over the world, the second coming of Chri… err… I mean, Obama’s victory signaled the end of eight years of a political mess of epic proportions under the previous administration. This is HUGE. But I don’t think half of America realises how huge this really is. Most people are clueless of the true combo buster Obama used to decisively win this one. In this post, I expose the true genius of Obama’s campaign. This was no election. This is the beginning of an epic revolution. Barack Obama is much bigger than I originally thought he was.

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