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Humanity’s Obsession with its Destruction

December 23, 2012 1 comment

Fear is the most compelling form of folly.


What is it about the complete and utter destruction of mankind that causes most of us to react with such a uniform sense of paranoia? Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, many people around the world were in full on, weaponized panic over the past week, because they were compelled the world was going to end on December 21, 2012. Well it didn’t happen—as I had predicted in an earlier post about a similar prophecy that failed to materialize. However, our fear of our destruction has captured our imagination for decades. Just look at the video montage above taken from no less than seven different movies. Why?

Well, it has to do with our programming.

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10 Stupid Things You Do Everyday

May 31, 2012 Leave a comment

Common sense is an oxymoron


Feeling Stupid

How smart do you think you really are? If I asked you if you had common sense, how would you answer? Some of you might think that you’re pretty intelligent. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are even some of you who think that you have above average intelligence. If you ever thought this to yourself, then I’m going to prove to you that this is probably not accurate.

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Contemplating Death (1 of 3)

April 16, 2011 3 comments

Mortality is the single most elegant design element in the miracle of life.


Selworthy Cemetary, England

I contemplate death a lot. The subject fascinates me simply because it is beyond the realm of human appreciation. So why contemplate it? Because I know that one day, every thought that I have not written down somewhere will be utterly lost. The absolute tragedy in Japan really brought this home to me. In this post, I contemplate the intriguing inevitability of death.

WARNING: This post covers some relatively dark content. Additionally, some readers may find some of the photos featured to be quite graphic. Reader discretion is thus strongly advised.

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Useless DNA

January 15, 2009 35 comments

“Modern civilization has rendered much of our genetic code obsolete.”



I'm pretty sure Ridley Scott's "Alien" (1979) was inspired by this surgery...

Have you ever considered that you can save yourself the pain of appendicitis by simply having your appendix removed before it ever occurs? The only problem is that appendicitis is not an illness that would necessarily occur in everyone and so most people would be paying for surgery they do not absolutely need. The appendix is one of many genetically predicated aspects of our being that has been rendered outdated by evolution – yet we are all still being born with one. Currently, the appendix serves no useful purpose. But if it becomes inflamed, it can incite septicemia which almost always leads to death. In this post, I examine four notable psychological characteristics we still have that we no longer need. Their continued presence causes a great more harm than good. However, unlike an appendix, these destructive psychological propensities cannot be removed so easily as they are all hard wired into the brain by now useless genetic code. Why do we still possess these useless characteristics? I suspect that the only reason why we even notice them is because we are on the brink of the next phase of human evolution.

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