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The Enigma of Life (Part 2 of 2) — The Meaning of Life

August 14, 2011 1 comment

Human lives are no more significant in the grand scheme of the universe than the lives of cockroaches on the same scale of magnitude.


Humanity and all life enveloped by it, is a by product of a cosmic matter engine. — Image by Jamie Beck

When you think about the complexity of life on this planet, our first instinct is to think that the meaning of our lives extends from the complexity inherent in life as we know it. The truth is that wherever life exists in the universe, irrespective of its complexity, the purpose of that life is exactly the same. There is no greater relativistic significance that’s attributable to humanity.

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The Enigma of Life (Part 1 of 2) — What is life?

August 13, 2011 Leave a comment

…life is a miracle of astronomical mathematical improbability.


The transitional beauty of life from land to sea as juxtaposed against the epitome of a seashore owes more to a natural phenomena than a mythological inexplicability. — Image Credit: Kert Gartner, 2011

In response to my previous post, someone had asked me in person: “If god was invented by humans to satisfy the need to worship something, then what is the meaning of life?” The very question is based on the premise that one needs a god to give life meaning (or that having a god would make life more meaningful). It’s like saying that tooth fairies make losing a tooth more meaningful or that storks make childbirth more miraculous. We know what the meaning of life is. Just like losing a tooth and the miracle of childbirth, the meaning lies in our biology.

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The True Nature of God

October 2, 2007 18 comments

“God is the only being in the universe having any fun.”


In the previous post, I examined logical proof for the existence of some God. Today I will examine the nature of that God. One of the key sore points with most theists is that their definition of God contradicts their understanding of the universe. Needless to say, this gives most atheists fuel for their views, and makes most theists easy picking. Theists, particularly Christians, believe in the classical definition of God which are categorically false or self contradicting. It is by this that it becomes clear that most theists either don’t know what they believe in, or more likely, don’t understand what they believe in. A curious question can be asked from this point:

Is a belief, even if logically flawed, still transmutable to the correct idea on which it is based, or is belief bound to the idea on which it holds, even if it is an incorrect version of the original idea?

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The Mechanized Universe

October 1, 2007 7 comments

The Universe always unfolds exactly as it should.


Have you ever contemplated the existence of a God?

Most people believe in some God they can’t even define. Yet others are willing to believe so blindly that they are easily fooled and led to believe in virtually anything their gullible minds are capable of absorbing. The trouble with belief systems is that they rely on the believer to have faith – which is simultaneously our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Faith is a form of hope based on unsubstantiated evidence – that’s why it’s not without a sense of deception. As such, any system of belief that requires faith for solubility, is an intrinsically dangerous belief. Because it is through these unprovable systems of belief that peoples have been oppressed and / or slaughtered – all for an idea for which people cannot substantiate.

I do not subscribe to blind faith based religion. In fact, if anything, I subscribe to a sustainable philosophical way of life. When the ideology becomes bogged down with the inexplicable specificity of religion, then it looses its philosophical meaning and becomes more about the rituals than the philosophical ideology. It doesn’t matter what labels people choose to use for religion. At the end of the day, they all boil down to the same thing – worship of the great unknown. Men have always worshipped the unknown. We’ve all been hard wired to subscribe to this idea through some genetic permutation, which no doubt is a part of the grand design. It is that grand design that fascinates me, and which led to my first truly deep philosophical epiphany:

We live in a Mechanised Universe.

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