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Why The Rapture Failed

May 21, 2011 6 comments

Jesus misses his appointment again — just like he had been for the last 2,000 years.


I think we can safely say now that part of the world has entered into May 22nd, 2011 without incident that one of two things are true: 1) That either the Bible is inherently dangerous in how it appears to attract loons or 2) The Bible cannot be trusted as a fairly reliable source of information. Either way end of world prophecies will continue to be a source of great appeal.

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The Truth About The Truth

October 18, 2009 17 comments

When people go in search of the truth, they tend to find whatever it is they’re looking for, whether it is the truth or not.”


Remember when Pluto was a planet? Now it isn’t. Remember when removing tonsils cured tonsillitis? Now we know better. Or what about when the moon was completely devoid of water? Recent discoveries show otherwise. All of these things were true once. So I’ve got to ask a really tough question of you:

What is truth?

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Atheism Exposed: Naturalism

May 3, 2009 33 comments

The domain of natural science is natural science, not metaphysics. The fields are logically incompatible.”



Naturalists are the strongest of all atheists. They believe that all things can be explained by natural laws and causality. They believe that nature is all that there is and therefore, natural science can be used to invalidate God’s existence. The obvious challenge with this position is that it presumes the domain of natural science extends to all other fields of knowledge. Not only does it make this imprecise leap of logic, but it also misconstrues the intention of Charles Darwin’s theory of Evolution with the intention of using it for something it was never designed. This is the fifth and final post in the series exposing the innate fallacies of atheism. Be forewarned; this one’s an epic.

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Atheism Exposed: Skepticism

April 14, 2009 11 comments

“Sometimes the truth is inexplicable – and that is the plain and simple truth.”



Consider this: If a dog really did eat your homework, how’re you going to prove it? You could examine the bowel movement of the animal. However, assuming your homework was written on paper, it would have already become an indistinguishable, finely digested mulch at that point. The teacher’s skepticism about your story is palpable though, largely because of their inability to prove it and the unlikelihood of its occurrence. Does your teacher’s doubt about your story prove that it isn’t true? No. Yet, this is how skeptics think. They believe that whatever can be doubted is not likely to be true. Skeptical Atheists love this technique for asserting the “likely” non existence of God. While that is true on some level, it’s easily the worst way to make any kind of assertive proof of anything.
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Atheism Exposed: Pragmatism

April 11, 2009 4 comments

“Godlessness it seems, is not without a sense of purpose.”



Apatheism (or Pragmatic Atheism) is perhaps the most popular agnostic concept. It is less concerned with arguments for or against the existence of any god and is more concerned with living life as though there wasn’t one. This indifference to the existence of or need for god is often bound in the concept that morality and theism are mutually exclusive. While that may be inherently true, pragmatic atheists often use this as justification for their  liberal lifestyles. Then some go as far as to attempt to redefine the status quo in the pursuit of ridding the world of its mythological entrapment. Either way, whether it is taking god out of schools or reducing the value of marriage, godlessness it seems, is not without a sense of purpose.

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Atheism Exposed: Agnosticism

March 7, 2009 15 comments

“Ignorance is only proof of ignorance, not proof of non-existence.”



If a tree falls in the forest and there is no one present, does it make a sound? Scientifically, the answer is yes. Sound is basically the vibration of air. Philosophically speaking however, the answer is no. The concept of sound is meaningless without an audience. Using this extrapolation, Agnostics have cleverly crafted an ideology which boldly claims that because of our incapacity to detect or prove God, then one is not rationally inclined to believe in God. However, I think my agnostic friends have confused two essentially unrelated ideas. Ignorance is only proof of ignorance, not proof of non-existence. The two concepts are mutually exclusive. But that’s not the only thing amiss in this peculiar flavour of atheism.
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Atheism Exposed: The Motive

February 21, 2009 23 comments

“Without proof, belief is still belief – even if you believe in nothing.”


Atheism Defined

Is Atheism a religious belief? Most would argue no, since atheism is purportedly anything but religious. However, of late I’ve been observing a pattern among atheists that has made the entire movement frightfully indiscernible in motive from the very religious proponents they seek to rebut. The trouble lies in the fact that the argument between the two camps is about insubstantial belief – something that is unquantifiable one way or another. As a result, both sides of the fence are making all of the same mistakes – which is why their motivations must be called into question. That is the point of this post. Nonbelievers and people with imaginary friends, follow me for a moment. I have a few things I want to pick your brains about.

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