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Contemplating Suicide (1 of 2)

April 29, 2011 9 comments

There is a certain amount of cowardice that is indistinguishable from madness.



Suicide, from a concatenation of the Latin words sui (self) and caedere (to kill) is perhaps the most tragic form of death known to man, largely because it’s performed by one’s own hands. When someone takes their own life, there are powerful psychological processes at play as it involves denying our natural instinct to survive. So how could anyone override that instinct?

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Contemplating Death (1 of 3)

April 16, 2011 3 comments

Mortality is the single most elegant design element in the miracle of life.


Selworthy Cemetary, England

I contemplate death a lot. The subject fascinates me simply because it is beyond the realm of human appreciation. So why contemplate it? Because I know that one day, every thought that I have not written down somewhere will be utterly lost. The absolute tragedy in Japan really brought this home to me. In this post, I contemplate the intriguing inevitability of death.

WARNING: This post covers some relatively dark content. Additionally, some readers may find some of the photos featured to be quite graphic. Reader discretion is thus strongly advised.

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Tough Questions Christians Fear

December 12, 2010 8 comments

One who has tough questions should never ask them of those who fear the answers.


The Ultimate Bible Study - Me vs. The Elders

Taking my elders to task on tough Bible questions.

Have you ever had one of those moments growing up when you were presented with an idea that you immediately accepted, but deep in the recesses of your mind, something didn’t add up? That was my entire childhood really. That’s basically how I grew up with religion. This post is for all the younger folks out there who have questions they are either afraid to ask or were given circular, useless answers. Read on to see what all your church elders were so afraid of.

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So Long, Peter Pan

June 26, 2009 2 comments

“The price of fame is infamy. The price of immortality is death.”


The King of pop is dead

Michael Jackson is gone. Finally. The only people who will truly mourn his death are the obnoxious mothers who kept sending him their sons as a ploy to extract money. The rest of us will celebrate his life with music. Now that his life has ended, we can immortalize him for what good is left of his great name.

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