This blog represents the result of years deep contemplation, critical analysis and deduction about the secrets of this simulation we call life. It is a philosophical soap box designed to provoke our thinking. It is in effect a deeper look into the less conspicuous things that happen all around us; specifically, things which we see everyday and often take for granted – especially when we should not.

I am Xenocrates, the purveyor of these ideas. My individuality is moot. I am a timeless paradigm, the result of centuries of collective human thought brought to bear on a single soul. Long after this body is gone, these ideas will continue to live on. None of these ideas are new – but the presentation is. What I am attempting to do here is relatively unprecedented; unifying what would be considered diametrically opposed ideas in an effort to create a unified system of thought.

Join me here regularly, as I explore some of the more troubling efficacies of this simulation. If you are reading this type of content for the first time, I guarantee that it will challenge your existing ideology in new and provocative ways. Prepare to blow your mind. If you are not, I’m sure there’s more you can add. Either way, I welcome all commentary. I’m more than interested in hearing your point of view. Please bear in mind that much of the discussion here is not for the weak of mind. You have been warned.

E-mail me at: accordingtoxen[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. December 28, 2012 at 11:51 am

    I love the website….I used to think exactly this way. Except for one tiny little thing I discovered. When you take the time to investigate the truth, you find out that Jesus really did exist…. and the things he did really did happen…. and the things he said are true….. which changes everything.

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