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The Infidel’s Guide To Islam (3 of 3) — Islamic Governance

October 31, 2011 1 comment

According to Islamic law, freedom and democracy are punishable vices.


Sharia Law PunishmentSharia Law is notoriously brutal — especially to women.

As Islam exploded across North Africa and Southern Europe, engulfing the Byzantine Empire to the west and the Arabian peninsula to the east, it became entrenched in several sovereign states in these regions, retaining much of the primitive ideologies of the day, which includes systems of governance and law which have been notorious for their misogyny and brutality.

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We’re All Africans

January 31, 2011 30 comments

There’s no point describing a person as being of African descent — that’s describing the entire human race.

– Xenocrates

Y Chromosome Migration PatternsY Chromosome Migration map of the last 70,000 years. © 2008; Scientific American

Every time I hear people refer to black folk as “people of African descent”, I chuckle a little bit inside. What’s even more amusing is the common practice of referring to white folk as people of North Eastern European descent. Both expressions are largely incorrect. The research of the Human Genome project over the last 20 years has proven in fact that we are all Africans.

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Made in China, Part 3

February 21, 2010 16 comments

There are some things in the world whose majesty should only be appreciated from afar off.


Pudong, Shanghai city limits

I had a strange feeling in my gut when I was first told that I was being nominated to attend a seven week conference in China (of all places in the world). I wasn’t sure whether I was supposed to be excited or perturbed. It took me only 4 days in China however to realise that I should’ve stayed home. This post covers the last four of the 10 critical lessons I learned about China.

Be warned. It gets pretty ugly from here on out:
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