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The Intelligence Bottleneck

June 14, 2010 2 comments

“While our minds may have evolved, our bodies have not.”


I recently discovered that the reason why moths fly into an open flame is because they were engineered by nature to navigate by night using the light of the moon. However, when men came around and invented fire, it messed with the moth’s navigation system – which 70,000 years later, has not yet been upgraded by natural evolution. The same problem also affects humans.

It is why men are capable of being in love with more than one woman, why several women are mutually inclined to gravitate towards one man, why a teen girl who knows about unwanted pregnancy would still have unprotected sex, and why boys aware of the outcome of truancy will still drop out of school.

We’re making these observations not because they’re strange, but because our society has made them seem that way after many centuries of cognitive evolution. The vast disparity between intellect and nature that results creates what I would like to call an Intelligence Bottleneck. This is a perfectly good explanation for some of the inexplicably stupid things rational humans still do.

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Why Men Cheat

September 9, 2009 11 comments

“It is unnatural for any one man to sexually desire only one woman.”



Why do men cheat? A lot of women have pondered on this question with great frustration. The answer however is so profoundly simple that I suspect the reason many have failed to appreciate the utter simplicity of it is largely because they are needlessly looking for an answer much deeper than the obvious. However, science shows that the simplest answers usually suffice.

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The Stop Gap Lover

December 23, 2008 9 comments

“Every single woman has at least three boyfriends – one for each key feminine desire.”


Mr. Sex Me, Love Me & Provide for me interchange roles as stop gap lovers

Gentlemen, does your girlfriend have a habit of discussing your relationship problems with other dudes? What about girls who insist on having a gay friend? Have you ever noticed your girlfriend or wife spending hours on the phone with some bloke you know she would never sleep with, but it perplexes you anyway? Have you ever noticed that your girlfriend keep a scrawny or overweight, unattractive geek around who always tries to play hero when you exercise your God-given rights to act like a jerk when the game is on or when your boys come over?

Ladies, have you ever wondered why some guys never introduce you to their friends? Have you ever wondered why he only comes over for sex, tv and gifts, but never invites you out to party with him, has never asked you out on a “real” date, or is not interested in meeting your family or friends? What about guys who are always “hiding” when they’re having sexual relations with you? What about those guys who never call after you’ve borne your soul out to them telling them how you feel or after you’ve given them the best sex ever? Do you ever wonder why you’ve had so many great flings, but no real relationships? Are you tired of being some guys’ secret lover?

If you have had any of these concerns, then read on. Herein lies an eye opener for all of you. This article will explain everything. 😉

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