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The Problem with Online Social Networking

March 31, 2013 Leave a comment

Give humanity anonymity and see the true potential of its depravity.


We are repeatedly trying to simulate human behaviour online, with dramatic results.

Social networking has changed humanity forever. I began to realize this when I discovered a frightening trend in the news about how kids were killing themselves over things done online. Why would someone do that? I thought. That is when I decided to embark upon an ambitious social experiment two years ago to see the true depth of how social networking has changed the human animal. This post documents my findings in grave detail. Note well: you may find the contents of this post either deeply upsetting or deeply disturbing. You have been warned.

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Made in China, Part 2

February 12, 2010 12 comments

Free speech is something of an oxymoron in China, since technically speaking, it doesn’t exist.


Lost in translationLost in Translation – this is a huge recurring problem in China.

Have you ever been on one of those trips where shortly after arrival you wanted to leave? Have you ever been to a country where everything from the government to the culture annoyed you? That was China for me. Here are 3 more reasons why China sucked from the Top 10 Lessons I learned there:
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I’m a Twit

August 14, 2009 1 comment

twitter_logo_headerIn the unlikely event that you haven’t noticed, I’ve leaped onto the latest, nearly useless internet based communications band wagon sensation designed to let everyone know your business and to sell smart phones. Yes, that’s right, I’m now a twit; literally and figuratively.

If you like, you can follow me here:

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