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Why Women Should (but probably won’t) rule the world (2 of 2)

February 5, 2012 Leave a comment

The successful female is genetically hazardous to her own species.


Beyonce - Who Run The World (Girls)

As we were discussing in the previous post, Sasha Fierce, aka Beyoncé Knowles seems to have some pretty misplaced conceptions about who runs the world. So we decided to ask the question (hypothetically), why can’t women run the world? We covered the first five of what I believe to be the top ten of those reasons. In this post, I cover the top five. If you thought the previous post on this issue was a doozy, then hang on to your stockings. This one bites.

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Special Thanks: My good friend Stéphanie Jevtić for her priceless contribution to this article.
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