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The Evil God

May 25, 2009 5 comments

“We are mechanical creatures of little importance in the cosmic scheme of things.”


Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual misconduct in yet another Christian cult.

Wayne Bent aka Michael Travesser, sentenced to 10 years in prison for sexual misconduct in yet another Seventh Day Adventist Christian cult.

The Michael Travesser cult in the New Mexico desert reminded me about the Biblical prophecy that we are in end times, that many will come claiming to be the Christ and that many will be deceived. So I got to the point of thinking: Why would God in all his wisdom, allow his own people to be deceived? I found this thought to be most troubling. In fact, I am now more certain than ever before that the general well being of mankind was never in God’s interest at all.

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The Anatomy of Belief

November 1, 2008 19 comments

“Conflict over belief is as worthwhile as conflict over a favourite colour.”


There are many systems of belief in the world. Most beliefs are propagated by the innate compulsion of their subscribers to derive purpose from the world around them. As such, religion is effectively a moderate transmutation of mythology, philosophy and science. It attempts to be the silver bullet that is the catch-all solution for all of life’s problems. That’s why religion is the most conspicuous of all systems of belief. It attempts to explicitly fill the gaps science and philosophy do not. However, there are some dark, disturbing characteristics about religious belief that a lot of religious people are either unaware of or seem to ignore altogether. Growing up in an environment that catered to the far Christian right taught me a lot of highly valuable lessons about these characteristics. This post details the top ten most valuable lessons I’ve learned about religious cognition. Most of these I learned after intense debate and oftentimes, vicious confrontation: Read more…


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