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Woman 2.0

January 25, 2011 26 comments

The greatest weapon women wield is not in their guile. Rather it is in the perception that they are weak.



Woman 2.0

The ultimate woman has entered the building.

She walks through the twin glass doors, sharply clad in a business skirt suit that succinctly clings to her magnificent form. She saunters past the security checkpoint, merely blowing the male guard a kiss as validation that she doesn’t need to be patted down. Her skirt barely exposes her knees, but races further up her thighs when she sits down. However, it is not just her firm thighs that get my attention. It is the fact that her male escorts are still being processed at the checkpoint. Who is she? She is every woman you have met recently and she eats men like you for breakfast. She is Woman 2.0 – armed, legged, breasted and dangerous.

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