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Debunking Conspiracy Theories

For conspiracy theorists, truth is less about fact and more about what they want to believe.


Conspiracy theories are bad for you

I believe that extra terrestrials probably exist. I just don’t believe any of them have ever been here. I believe that 9/11 was an inside job — inside Al Quaeda, that is. I believe the global warming hoax is… well… a hoax. I believe J.F.K. was assassinated by an American — just not one working for the CIA. I believe NASA’s moon landings were faked for the HBO specials in 2001, but not in 1969. I believe that the world will end in 2012 for somebody, but the rest of us will be fine. Conspiracy Theories are utter nonsense, and I am about to demonstrate why.

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  1. Jake
    April 30, 2012 at 4:27 pm

    Well then are humans also evolving to this day? Is there a growth and acceleration in human evolution that’s really occurring right now? If Europeans seem to be the apex of human evolution, (I am not saying they are, just that they are considered so in this day and age), how will other ethnic groups adapt and make up for their lackness in this area whether in terms of physical biology or for their lack in culture in comparison to the relative power and the advanced civilization of the Western world??

  2. April 27, 2012 at 3:14 pm


    That’s a very good question. I wouldn’t be worried about a “white genocide” in the United States via Immigration as much as I would be worried about it through a lack of procreation. This is a trend that you will observe in every developed nation around the world, from Europe to Japan. Once you have a highly educated society (especially one in which women are ubiquitously educated), you will have a corresponding population shrinkage. I actually make reference to this in my post The Danger of Educating Women.

    Immigration is actually good for developed nations because it shores up the population deficit and patches the increasing holes in the workforce for less than desirable jobs. The only problem with immigration playing the role of population reinforcement is that immigrants often bring with them cultural idiosyncrasies that can pose a serious danger to the existing culture.

    So the real problem, Jake, is that white Americans are simply not having enough babies. If the current trends continue, there are studies that estimate that the white population will become a minority by the year 2066 in places like the United Kingdom while Hispanics and Blacks will become a population majority in the United States in less than 40 years. Why is this happening? Because Hispanics and Blacks are having more babies than white people. It’s really that simple.

    Whites are already becoming a minority in many European states. Even though countries like the Netherlands and France have implemented tough new immigration policies to curb this problem, they are not fixing the root of the problem: The more educated Couples tend to be, the less likely they are to have children. People aren’t having as much sex anymore, (at least not with the intention of having children). That’s the real source of the problem. So immigration is the least of the white population’s concerns.

    The White Phenotype cannot be affected by interracial mixing. Any claims to such is nonsense and you shouldn’t pay it any attention. Interracial unions are far too rare (less than 3% of all unions) to have any real effect on either phenotype. For interracial unions to pose a significant threat to the white population, at least 60% of whites need to procreate with someone outside of their race and xenophobia ensures that is far less likely to happen. Interracial unions will not reach such a rate until the early 23rd century. By then, such concerns will no longer be of any concern to anyone as most of the world’s population will have produced a new phenotype that more closely resembles Hispanics and Spanish will replace English as the most widely spoken language.


  3. Jake
    April 27, 2012 at 9:45 am

    Xen do you think there is a”white genocide” that is occurring in the U.S through immigration? Have you ever heard of the infamous “mantra” on various youtube videos? Does intermixing lead to the disappearance of the “White phenotype” and could it lead to the disappearance of “White culture” as we know it?

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