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Contemplating Suicide (2 of 2)

Ideological delusion is the most crippling weakness of modern men.


Suicide Heart

People have attached a strong psychological impetus to suicide as though it is somehow a glorious way to die, largely because it is by one’s own intent. That is part of what feeds the perception that emotionally induced suicide is an act of cowardice. But, with the exception of altruistic intentions, mental illness and extreme suffering, suicide is an ultimately foolish act, many of the motivations for which fail to stand up to scrutiny. I’ll outline a few reasons why:

Love Lost

Most people have experienced heart break at some point in their lives. The brain in love is not radically different from the brain on drugs (hence a recent post on that subject). Thus a recoil from lost love is pretty much the same thing as the recoil experienced when a drug addict is having withdrawal symptoms. Some people are less capable of handling the resulting tension.

If you find yourself in that position, before you decide to permanently put yourself to sleep with those pills, try to remember a few things: The person you’re killing yourself over has or will probably experience heart break themselves. Killing yourself will only prove to them that they’re doing the right thing by breaking up with you. No one really desires such negativity.

Try to see every failed relationship as an opportunity to experience the novelty of love once more. Not everyone loves in the same way. Some people lack the vision to appreciate you in the way others can. Therefore killing yourself is robbing someone else of the opportunity to love you in the way that your ex-lover could not. So why would you deprive yourself of that?


Harakiri Seppuku

The Japanese had an institutionalized system of suicide for failure. I’ve heard many cases of Japanese execs leaping off an overpass into oncoming traffic because they made a small miscalculation in a architectural design that cost their company quite a bit. But this type of suicide isn’t a recent phenomenon. Feudal Japan for example is rife with cases of Seppuku.

Perhaps the most famous case of Seppuku is where Imperial Japanese World War II general, Takijiro Onishi, widely considered the father of the Kamikaze, committed Seppuku within his quarters when the Japanese emperor at the time announced Japan’s unconditional surrender. He committed suicide as an act of atonement for the 4,000 Kamikaze he sent to their deaths.

I wonder if Bin Laden would have done the same?

Imperialist Japan is of course an extreme example. Many people from various other cultures committed suicide out of the despair they felt from failure. Normally, these are people who have an unrealistically high evaluation of themselves or some unreasonable expectation of perfection in their efforts. While all such suicide is an act of despair, it is irrationally triggered.

Adolf Merckle Commits Suicide

Take for example, Adolf Merckle. He was a German billionaire who took his life after losing his immense wealth during the global financial crisis in 2009. Merckle’s suicide was irrational for several reasons. First, there are millions of people around the world living happily on far less. While one could argue for the immensity of his loss (as people who were born poor haven’t really lost anything — Merckle inherited his wealth) a league of 30 German bankers were planning to bail him out — but he committed suicide before they could deliver the good news.

Failure is life’s way of teaching us a lesson. If you kill yourself because of your failure, you will never learn the lesson. Had Merckle a little bit of hope (or a bit of humility) he’d have realized that the situation wasn’t as bad as he thought it was. As he inherited some of his wealth, perhaps he never had an opportunity to learn some humility. His suicide was thus not only a pointless one, but perhaps a perfect illustration that tragedy only begins where hope ends.


There are some cultural idiosyncrasies that will add an incredible psychological precedent to shame. In these cases, the pain caused by shame or embarrassment can easily push one over the edge, even in cases where the individual affected is otherwise stable minded. But in every other circumstance, shame is inversely proportional to perception of self importance.

Shame is a reminder to be humble. Everyone of us has to eat some humble pie every once in a while. People who would prefer to die as opposed to being humbled have a dangerously warped sense of self importance. The pain of the shame is often inversely proportional to the height of one’s exposure. But that is no excuse to kill yourself. Just ask people like Bill Clinton, Mark Sanford and Eliot Spitzer. They each turned high profile sex scandals into a great future.

But perhaps that isn’t a fair argument.

One could argue that those are bad examples because western culture treats sexual taboos very differently. For example, an argument could be made for an Indian woman who commits suicide out of shame for having her extra-marital affair exposed while a White American male living in Southern right wing communities would do the same if he was exposed for being gay. Shame is therefore a powerful, culturally driven, emotional element that must be considered.

However, that changes nothing.

No matter how bad one thinks their shameful situation is, imagine the pain they’ll leave their friends and family to endure when the motivation for suicide is discovered. Invariably they will not weigh the shame with the same degree of severity. Even if one is under the pressure of bullies, wouldn’t suicide validate all those mean things that bullies have done to that person?


Animal Kingdom Bully

Bullies hate when their victims fight back. It robs them of the sadistic satifaction they crave. Unless the suicide is avenged, it will only propel them to bully someone else. I speak from experience. I was bullied quite a bit in my early teens. I had more brains than brawn. So I relied almost exclusively on brain to outwit bullies. I never thought even once to kill myself.

I was too determined to triumph over my bully. Suicide to me seems like handing them an easy, dishonourable victory. They may have bested my muscle, but they could never best my indomitable spirit. Today, my high school bully is dead — a victim of bad company. So every now and again, I would walk by the Brooklyn cemetary where he is buried and piss on his grave — literally. You won’t get to experience such catharsis if you have taken your own life.

Think about it.

This is how I know that people who succumb to bullying by committing suicide already had a weak mind from before the bullying had begun. That’s why I cannot compare myself to the individuals who commit suicide because of bullying, because I don’t think my will to live can be broken by anyone. I’m different. This is why bullying should never be taken for granted and why we should never condemn those who consider suicide as an escape. They need our help.

With that said, suicide inspired by bullying is still not justifiable — even when a weak mind is involved. Many people today have successful adult lives after surviving high school hell. Bully inspired suicide seems cowardly because we can’t quite see inside the broken mind of the victim. The mind determines the breakability of the person. A person who is a victim of bullying therefore needs to seek out assistance. For even if their suicide were to make a bully feel guilty, for just a moment, they’ll consider the suicide as a validation of the victim’s weakness.

Don’t ever give them that pleasure.

Financial Insolubility

There are many cases of men taking their lives because of an inability to cover their financial obligations. Such suicide cases are so common, it borders on ridiculous. But it’s the cases where these men leave behind pregnant women and/or children that really pushes the meter over to coward. How could someone be so selfish as to leave their families to suffer more?

There are families all over the world living on far less than that which most of these people have killed themselves. Perhaps these men need to travel to places like rural India or north western China where there are myriads of families thriving on far less than a dollar a month. Like suicide victims in the previous categories, perhaps they need a little bit of perspective.

Then again, people living in poverty stricken parts of the world don’t have access to cable TV, internet, food stamps, baby diapers, running water, electricity and they don’t have to pay rent or taxes. Perhaps the pressures of living in the west has created a phenomenon that would only manifest itself in the presence of excess and all the creature comforts of modern living.

Ideological Suicide

Would you kill yourself in the defense of an idea? Most intelligent people would not even if they believe that it is one that is worth dying for. The reason for this is that an idea can be such a fleeting thing with its survival contingent on the willingness of its hosts to carry it forward, and that is the two edged sword of ideological martyrdom: It is usually done in vain.

Unless that idea has found good soil in which to take root, it is lost forever and the death of its protagonist would all be in vain. Very few ideas have survived the death of their intrepid martyrs, which means martyrdom is statistically not worth it. Yet, everyday, we hear of more news about suicide bombers dying for ideological causes and yet the world remains the same.

Political Suicide Missions

Most of the acts of suicide that were forms of political protest tend to make absolutely no sense whatsoever. They usually involve the most painful or the slowest methods of death, unless bombs are involved (as is the case with a suicide attack). Self-immolation and hunger strikes were very common in these cases. But those made little sense since the protest could simply be ignored and very little would come out of it. So why do they do it in the first place?

I can understand why martyrdom may impel political change if the death is caused by direct influence of oppression. It will compel the people to fight even harder so that the deaths of their comrades are not in vain. It’s really a psychological catch 22: If someone didn’t die for the cause then the psychological impetus that will bring the cause to fruition would not exist.

The Burning Monk

This was the case of a Vietnamese Buddhist monk who set himself aflame to protest the ruling Catholic driven government’s religious intolerance of Buddhist practitioners. Never mind the chosen method of suicide. The will power of this monk to achieve an objective such that he would lay down his life for that cause is either remarkably delusional or incredibly brave:

While the monk’s objectives were ultimately achieved, it was not before their government had raided and sacked several Buddhist Pagodas. In fact, if the United States had not intervened at that time, the monk’s effort would have been in vain. But what most people outside of Vietnam didn’t know, was that suicide by self immolation was common for Mahayana monks.

If John F. Kennedy had known this, neither he nor the rest of the world would have reacted so intensely to what had at the time appeared to them to be an incredible form of protest. Until that monk calmly set himself aflame, no one had ever seen a person commit suicide by deliberately burning themselves  to death. In that context, the monk’s protest was effective.

…but only by chance.

The media was alerted that something spectacular would happen the day before. However, very few American media personnel showed up. The rest were following other big stories state side. If it weren’t for the two photo journalists who were there, the monk’s protest would have been a complete waste of his life. It was certainly a spectacular suicide though.

The photographers had earned media prizes for their now iconic photographs of the self immolation — largely because the world had never seen anything like that before. However, at the end of the day, only two years after the monk’s incredible suicide and the subsequent relaxing of the Catholic religious oppression, the Vietnam war happened and undid all of that.

In today’s Socialist Republic of Vietnam, the Catholic oppression is now a distant memory. Vietnam is now 80% Buddhist, along with Taoism and Ancestor worship. However, while the Buddhist pagodas remain, the South Vietnamese Buddhism (of which our fearless intrepid self immolating monk was a member) has been effectively replaced by the Northern Communist version of Buddhism. Had he waited around a few years, he wouldn’t have had to kill himself.

Way to go, sir.

Palestinian Suicide Bombers

Hamas Suicide Bombers

If you have been following the history of the middle eastern conflict, you will be familiar with the fact that war is concept that appears to be consistent with any mention of that region on the planet. Ever since Israel became an established state in 1948 and then truly establishing themselves in a famous six day war of 1967, the Middle East has been no stranger to conflict.

Between Yassir Arafat’s PLO and the subsequent ruling party of Hamas, Palestine has had a well documented history of attacks against Israel in a bid to utterly destroy the Jewish nation. That’s a pretty lofty ambition especially given the many nations Israel has trounced both in the distant past (see the Old Testament books of Kings & Chronicles) and present conquests.

Whether you believe the Biblical stories or not is irrelevant. The point is that Israel is a power house of a nation with enough gusto, raw fire power and near fanatical United States backing to make it nearly unstoppable. Not only is the nation a military force to contend with, but it is also an economic stalwart. So I hardly think a few suicide bombers could put a dent in all that.

Egypt has failed to crush Israel. Saudi Arabia has failed. Yemen declared war but did nothing about it. The entire Arab league assaulted Israel at one point and Israel still kicked all of their hides to the curb. It won war after war with such ferocity that even the United States asked it to cool off on several occasions. So why do the Palestinians continue their suicide missions?

What good have they achieved so far aside from reducing their own population when Israel retaliates? While Israel has retaliated at times in ways that lack any shred of humanity, at least they’re not asking their soldiers to commit suicide attacks. They are aware that their soldiers can do far more damage with a long range weapons than with the suicide bombing.

The world has generally considered the PLO a terrorist organisation. The world still generally considers Hamas to be a terrorist organisation. In fact, it is hard to remember a Palestine in recent history that wasn’t ruled by a government that was effectively considered to be a state terrorist. So far they have not been successful — yet their suicide bombing continues.

Child Suicide Bombers

Reports have come out of young children being bred exclusively to be suicide bomb payload delivery systems. None of these young children want to die. But their parents are paid a very handsome sums of cash for each of their offspring that is killed in an attack. It shows that the technique is something that is deeply entrenched in these insanely barbaric Arabic cultures:

Every once in a while, we hear of a new suicide bomb going off in a car, a bus, a school yard, a crowded market place or a government building in Israel — attacks now being perpetrated by Hamas (taking over from the PLO). Irrespective of the life lost, whenever Israel retaliates, Palestine loses even more lives and suffers greater infrastructural damage and destruction.

So again I ask, why? What’s the point?

On multiple occasions, Palestine has come to its senses and decided to uphold a cease fire. On multiple occasions, they couldn’t resist the blood lust to let their suicide bombers die in vain and so they go provoking the lion of Judah once again. The cycle only repeats itself ad infinitum as more children are conditioned to become bomb delivery systems by their parents.

However this war ends (if it does end) none of the Palestinian suicide attacks will have been worth the blood shed. If it ends in war, chances are, the Arabs will lose by virtue of being an inferior military force. If it ends in peace, then none of the senseless deaths were necessary in the first place. Either way, suicide attacks for a political cause are historically ineffective.

Here’s the evidence:

Kamikaze Pilots of Japan

We all know the story of how Imperialist Japan launched the first successful terrorist strike on US soil in 1941 at Pearl Harbour. Many of the attacks included Japanese Kamikaze pilots, who flew their planes into the ships, killing the pilot of the fighter plane and all the crew men on board the ship. Four years later, in the greatest act of vengeance, the US nuked Japan. Twice.

Now all that is left of Imperial Japan is tentacle porn, Gundam Wing, Japanimé, some horrific black and white pictures of flash radiation victims of the Hiroshima and Nagasaki annihilation events and a recording of Japan’s emperor declaring himself to be human and his surrender of Japan to the United States. So what does this mean for the Japan’s dead Kamikaze pilots?

Absolutely nothing. They all died in vain.

Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka

Sri Lankan Suicide Bomber

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam are a seccessionist movement of northern Sri Lanka that attempted to create an independent state for the indigenous natives of Sri Lanka. They carried out many high profile suicide attacks on Sri Lankan politicians and other such targets. Many of these attacks were successful. They usually involved women pursuing a single target.

Despite the terror that the Tamil Tigers brought upon Sri Lanka, often leaving decapitated heads, severed torsos, dismembered limbs and other such horrific sights in their wake, their activities erupted in the Sri Lankan civil war which ended in their sound defeat by the Sri Lankan military in 2009 when their stoic leader Velupillai Prabhakaran was killed in warfare. So what does this mean for the Tamil Tigers who gave their lives in martyrdom for the cause?

Absolutely nothing. They all died in vain.

Al Quaeda of Afghanistan

Al Quaeda (Arabic for “The Base”) has been a thorn in the side of the United States since their failed attack on the World Trade Centre in 1993. Even though they followed it up with a far more successful suicide attack in 2001 (which brought down the World Trade Centre), they were unprepared for what happened next. The United States was pissed and wanted blood.

The US government moved swiftly to topple Afghanistan’s Taliban government which up to that time, harboured Al Quaeda forces responsible for the September 11 attacks. They flushed Taliban forces out of Afghanistan, pushing them into Pakistan and other territories. Inexplicably, the US became distracted in a needless war in Iraq, wasting another 8 years.

One has to give credit to the Al Quaeda in all this mess. Not only were they able to give the United States the slip for another 7½ years, but they also managed to carry out successful suicide attacks in Spain and Britain respectively during that time. To date, they are the only suicide squad that was worth their weight in dead jihadists. A new president had to take the reins before the US finally managed to refocus their attention on a regrouping Taliban target. 10 years later, and three years into the new presidency, the United States finally hit pay dirt:

Osama Bin Laden's Death Headlines around the world

Osama Bin Laden's Death Headlines around the world

Even though Al Quaeda’s founder and leader is dead, the base is far from out of operation. It will certainly render a massive morale blow to Al Quaeda, even though he was no longer in charge of tactical operations. Al Quaeda was not as murderous as Hitler’s Third Reich, or as Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge, but if history is any idicator, this is a sign it will suffer the same fate.

One may argue that Al Quaeda’s mission was one of Islamist Jihad, a religious war. However, Al Quaeda is really after political objectives with religion as its scapegoat. If the Taliban was early Rome, then Osama Bin Laden was its Julius Caesar. It’s objective is not to spread Islam. It’s objective is to dominate the world under an Islamic regime. It’s militants commit suicide under a perniciously warped interpretation of non-Koranic hadiths, intrinsic to Arab culture.

All that those 19 hijackers did was to anger the world’s most powerful military machine into action, which in what appears to be a blind, relentless fury, started two long wars, toppled two dictatorial governments in the process, while creating an 8 year chain of cause and effect that saw to the deaths of thousands of troops and civilians, completely exhausting their budget surplus, placing them in a near inescapable deficit, ultimately becoming China’s bitch.

If that was their objective, then those 19 hijackers were successful. However, I am somehow dubious of China’s involvement with Al Quaeda. So I’m hard pressed to see the necessity of their suicidal missions. With that said, it is fair to say that if those hijackers could forsee that their suicide mission would have inextricably led to the destruction of their organisation, it would probably have dawned upon them that their deaths would have totally been in vain.

Be that as it may, the wars that followed are fait accompli and bear a startling resemblance to that of a now ancient war between Christianity and Islam. Suicidal missions between political and religious factions are vaguely dissimilar. They are effectively one and the same. It is solid proof of the fact that an ideological delusion is the most crippling weakness of modern men.

That brings me to the next category:

Religious Suicide Missions

Muslim Protests

I remember the first time Muslims genuinely frightened me. They were chanting in the streets of London: “Islam or death!” It was during the protest over the Danish cartoonist’s mock up of their prophet Mohammed. They rioted and got people killed. Some even strapped bombs to themselves and did the usual bit. And what exactly did they achieve for blowing themselves to bits? Everybody Draw Mohammed Day. I’m not even kidding. Go ahead and check the link.

Religions tend to survive based on the quality of the message — not really the truth (or lack thereof) of it. This is why Christianity survived Rome and the atrocities that flourished against it then. Christianity was a positive religion, all inclusive, flexible and tolerant that promised life after death and equality for all. Even though Rome perverted the message and used brute force to spread the religion during the first millennium, Christianity spread largely by word of mouth. They didn’t threaten anyone about cartoons — that’s why it’ll probably outlive Islam.

This is one of the reasons why it is stupid to die for a religion by way of murder-suicide. Flying jetliners into office buildings cannot win an ideological war. Blowing oneself up with C4 inside a packed supermarket won’t convince anyone that your fairytale is better than theirs. In fact, it will only become a public relations nightmare for the Islamic committee in Jihadist heaven. Dear Radical Muslims, you are not winning any converts. Your soldiers are only dying in vain.

Here’s why:

For Mathematical Reasons

Over a third of the world’s population is Christian. That’s well over 2 billion people. That’s more people than are living in China. You have just over a billion followers. Do the math. Even if all of you strapped bombs to yourselves, Christians will still outnumber you. You will simply eradicate your own religion by memetic purging long before you strike a blow to Christianity.

Christians will beat you not because Jehovah is a better god, but because he has got better sales people working for him who aren’t required to kill themselves. I mean think about it:

Every time one of you blows yourself up, there are fewer of you left to spread the good word about Allah. Christians will live on to spread their doctrine to many more people by virtue of not martyring themselves for a cause. A good 99% of the time, you’re committing a suicide attack inside a Muslim country. This means you’re only hurting other Muslims in the process.

For Cultural Reasons

American Muslims aren’t strapping bombs to themselves because they are no longer exposed to the suicidal idiosyncrasies of the Middle Eastern blood cultures. Even if they tried, between the FBI, the CIA, the TSA, the Tea Party and good old American citizenry, they would be stopped long before they could cause any harm to anyone. Just ask this incompetent jihadist.

For Human Resource Reasons

Furthermore, even if you are able to launch successful strikes against international targets, you still lack the man power and the global support necessary to ascend to the annals of world power that appears to be your primary objective. All that you’ve done is to awaken the rage of the United States, which as of May 1, 2011, has all but proven to be to your undoing.

Fun Fact: Adolf Hitler was also confirmed dead on May 1, 1945. Curious. History repeats itself.

For Philosophical Reasons

Additionally, what if you’re wrong? What if when you die you wake up in an alternate reality to be judged by Jesus Christ or even a flying spaghetti monster? Do you realise how awful that would be? Can you imagine spending your life in devotion to Allah and Muhammad, only to realize you were worshipping the wrong god? What if there is really is no god to die for?

For Common Sense Reasons

Do you realize that the people who have convinced you to kill yourself in the name of Islam are cowards? Have you ever asked yourself why they don’t do it themselves? Wouldn’t it be more efficient to use robots? Why would you allow your own children to become enrolled in such a farce? Do you really think a 14 year old boy will be able to do anything with 72 virgins?

Are you all really that stupid?

For Islamic Reasons

Finally, you’re in direct violation of the teachings of the Koran! This is proof that your call to suicidal Jihad is unsupported by the same religion you tout as your inspiration for doing so. It is proof that your malicious intent is indeed deeply related to cultural idiosyncrasies of your belligerent tribes that have poisoned the reputation of Islam! Jihadists are not true Muslims. You and all others like you are little more than delusionally violent mongrels of another sort.

For Psychological Reasons

No ideology was ever successfully spread by a fringe entity through terrorism as people are more responsive to positive reinforcement than violent indoctrination. Thus every form of ideological extremism is doomed to fail because of psychological resistance. Therefore the most obvious outcome is that every suicidal attack with this objective will ultimately be in vain.


While suicide out of an act of desperation or intense grief is understandable, suicide for ideological reasons is indefensibly stupid. It goes to show that even if a mind isn’t poisoned by despair, it can be so thoroughly compelled by some spurious ideology that suicide for a cause is somehow identical to martyrdom when it is certainly not.  It’ll more likely be a waste of life, one that the ideological victim will tragically not live long enough to fully appreciate.

One is repulsed at suicide bombers’ attempt to sully the word martyr. The US soldiers that died at Normandy are martyrs. The slaves that died in the struggle for freedom are martyrs. Joan of Arc is a martyr. Martin Luther King is a martyr. Even Jesus Christ is a martyr. The rest of you are just criminals with a masochistic malevolence bordering on delusional psychopathy.

With that said, there are some emotional extremes for which suicide is not justifiable, no matter how much we pity the victim. While we understand that despair can poison a mind to the extent where suicide appears rational, it is never an understandable thing to do unless there is a real neurological problem. Suicide on account of heart break, failure or shame has more to do with a growing systemic psychological immaturity than inescapable environmental circumstances. So many people deal with these extremes all the time and still choose to live.

That’s why if suicide has ever crossed your mind, no matter how fleeting the thought, please, for the love of life, reach out to someone. Anyone. Get help. It is not normal to want to end your own life for any reason. It is evolutionarily counter intuitive. Conversely, if you have ever suspected anyone of having any suicidal tendencies, know that they are suffering from a psychological condition that robs them of the capacity to desire life. Try to reach out to them.

Say something. Anything. You’ll break their thought process long enough to rescue them from themselves. Even if they go into denial, rest assured that deep down at the back of their minds, the mere fact that you’re having a conversation with them at all is uplifting their spirits. I can speak from experience. I’ve done it before. Suicide is often a painfully silent cry for help.

You should know that Israeli soldiers have talked down Palestinian suicide bombers this way. Emotional people don’t know when they are being crazy. Simply derail their thought process.

You may just save a life.

E-mail: accordingtoxen[at]gmail[dot]com

  1. Stewart
    May 14, 2011 at 12:51 pm

    Well xeno, it was nice knowing you. With all the lambasting you have given Islam I suspect you too will be a victim of a suicide bomber soon. Please start writing a book of your thoughts or something so that we can call on it in your absence.

    Good read though 😀

    • May 15, 2011 at 10:41 am

      I think the extremists are too busy organizing to avenge Osama to care about some guy.

  2. jvr800
    May 13, 2011 at 1:20 pm

    So with all the posts lately about death and suicide… What are you trying to say? That we shouldn’t expect any more posts soon?

    • May 15, 2011 at 10:40 am

      LOL! No such luck sir! (You made me laugh out loud). 🙂

  3. Cuddly Spider
    May 10, 2011 at 8:41 pm

    With regard to Islamic suicide terrorism; you might want to read Robert Papes book ‘Dying to Win: The Strategic Logic of Suicide Terrorism’. In the section on the demographics of suicide terrorists he actually postulates that religious fanaticism may actually prevent suicide attackers, and that suicide attackers are generally intelligent young men (for the most part) who are in the top strata of their social group.

    Not that the findings in his book would disagree with your overall premise, as he goes on to say that the motivations for such actions are usually (if I have interpreted it correctly) an extreme view on a certain political or nationalistic issue. So again it is willing to lay ones life down for an idea. The tricky part is that while we, the almighty human, go on about how magnificently self aware we are, it’s within our natures to see those who think differently or have ideas opposed to our own as ‘enemy’, without realizing it is our own evolved reflexive tribal instincts bubbling up. While this can often be justified in some circumstances (I can’t stand Nazis), in others it’s ridiculous (atheist nuts vs Christian zealots). The more entrenched two parties are the harder they will fight, and the more likely it is that tribal extremism will develop.

  4. Lauri
    May 9, 2011 at 12:35 pm

    Would love to have your confidence. 🙂 Weak mind is such a burden.

  5. May 9, 2011 at 6:35 am

    Another thought-provoking article…I have to strongly disagree with this, though:

    “Bullies hate when their victims fight back. It robs them of the sadistic satifaction they crave.”

    I think the opposite is true with most bullies–their sadistic satisfaction is through their victim fighting back and failing, affirming their superiority. It’s like a cat playing with a mouse: it’s only fun while it tries to get away. At the end of the day I think most bullies would be horrified, not satisfied, to find out their victim finally killed himself.

    • May 9, 2011 at 9:48 am


      I hear you. But most bullies have a severe insecurity complex that manifests itself as sadism or severe narcissism. A bully won’t continue doing what he / she does until it doesn’t satisfy any more. Opting to kill oneself may rob the bully of that opportunity, but their insecurity is usually stronger than their capacity to feel sustained guilt — even when the law becomes involved.

      • LoStranger
        May 11, 2011 at 6:57 pm

        Good job on not giving up against your bully. However couldn’t the vicious cycle be avoided by not fighting the bully back? Thats something you said to me remember in reference to me slinging back verbal and physical voilence.

        Xenlogic Quote From (Poisoning of the Black Diaspora)

        “So then you accept that you will be perpetually caught in a vicious cycle? Really?”

        • May 12, 2011 at 3:15 am

          You think you’re clever, don’t you? 😀

          Bullies usually throw the first stone, becoming the instigator of violence. Racists usually throw the first slur, but are not usually physically violent. In your case, you threw the first punch, thereby becoming the instigator of violence. No matter how much someone hurls verbal abuse at you, once you throw the first punch, all your claims to innocence are instantly lost.

          • LoStranger
            May 12, 2011 at 6:35 am

            I’m everything in my own mind and please stop smiling at me it’s freaking me out.

            I respond to verbal abuse with verbal abuse and physical abuse with physical abuse in most cases anyway….

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