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The Underrated Black Woman

…a beautiful woman is often a happy woman, even though happy women are rarely beautiful.


You’re pretty – for a black girl”. This is back handed a compliment I hear all too often in the black community. Apparently it’s not good enough to just be a pretty girl, since being black seems to make the whole idea an oxymoron. The expression automatically implies that black girls do not carry the genetic capacity to be pretty. It suggests that in the hierarchy of beauty, black women rank dead last. Is this even remotely true? Are black women intrinsically ugly? There is hypocrisy at work here, and not surprisingly, it isn’t being largely propagated by men.

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  2. Kimoca
    January 21, 2012 at 8:09 pm

    DAMN u is sexi as he’ll

  3. LoStranger
    November 30, 2011 at 6:23 am

    rumdrunkmonkey :
    I think I read this at the right moment,it has curbed my depression and it makes scientific sense.
    I am a young, Black British girl and I was pretty much rejected by a Filipino boy that I genuinely like, because he says that he prefers white girls. Even though talking to him he has never been in a serious relationship with the so called white girls that he has been with, and I can pretty much tell him why. Because they are genuinely not interested in him, the way that I am.
    But having said that, he has never been with a black girl or any other race girl for that matter. We both go to the same University, see each other nearly everyday and we will still have a whole year on the course together. Does that mean over time I might have a chance with him? Or change his mind just a little bit?
    Its just recently he made a comment about how he doesn’t like Afro hair, preferring straight hair, and my hair is 100% natural Afro hair. I do not get offended often, but I was really hurt by his comment, and my retort back was, “Well all natural hair, even Caucasian tends to have a natural kink, so the kind of hair you prefer isn’t straight!”
    I’m not sure where I am going with this, but comments like that tend to really hurt me, and I feel like I am not good enough for any race, Black, White, Asian etc.
    But reading this has helped me understand things a little better I guess.

    Listen kiddo if anybody of ANY race is superficial enough to base their attraction on somebody for their hair type then you do NOT need to know that person anymore

    Be careful with these Asian men they are infactuated with white women they dam near go into a trance whenever they are near one….

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