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How White Men Conquered the World

It’s not by hypocrisy that the playing field isn’t level. It’s by necessity.


The greatest conquerors of the old (and new) world are white. Why is that?

Have you ever wondered how is it that white folks essentially control the vast majority of the power in the world? I’ve heard many theories on the subject, from Afrocentric philosophers to white supremacists – all of which have gaping holes in their logic. The answer is deceptively simple. This time, it’s nurture that has compelled nature in the most profound way possible.

Stating the Obvious

I usually need to do a one paragraph preamble to ward off stoic trolls, because unfortunately, most people don’t understand the purpose of language and so instead of getting caught in yet another debate about semantics versus material, let me state the obvious. I don’t believe in race superiority. I believe in genetic advantage. Race and genetics are mutually exclusive, since unlike the latter, the former doesn’t exist. If you don’t understand this, then read no further. Thanks.

Genetic Advantage?

When I speak of Genetic Advantage, I’m referring to a specific expression of the human genotype (i.e., a phenotype) that has the greatest advantage in the current environmental configuration. No individual phenotype is intrinsically advantageous (meaning no race is inherently superior), since that is determined entirely by variable environmental conditions. That’s why Hitler was wrong about Aryan Supremacy (from a scientific point of view). If the environment changes, then the current dominant phenotype will be immediately put in a precarious position, as the advantage would slowly shift to another – which is exactly what has been happening over the last 200 years. In another 100 years, the current dominant human phenotype will be relegated to second place, because the environment is changing.

Necessary Deprecation

Before we continue, I thought it necessary to establish the necessary deprecation of two words: “Race” and “Caucasian”. Why? Because the word “race” has no intrinsic scientific value. It describes a set of features that were functions of group migration across the environment. Many, many more races are possible. Our environment is just too limited to expose them all. Additionally, people of mixed descent are not socially recognized by the word.

Eight Classes of Caucasians There are eight classes of Caucasians as described by the Meyers-Blitz Lexikon (1932), which are (from left to right, top down) Nordic, Dinaric, Mediterranean, Alpine, East Baltic, Turks, Bedouins and Afghans.

Secondly, the word “Caucasian” arose out of the theory that all white people emerged from a region between Europe and Iran called Caucasus, and it describes a very wide range of ethnic groups. Caucasians include most fair skinned “races”, which automatically includes anyone who has the skull structure, if not the corresponding skin color. Thus, Aryans, Indians and Arabs are all considered Caucasian – only to establish Aryans as white and the rest as not. This type of controversial classification only has social value. Words that only have social value tend to become abused to fit phobic agendas (such as racism) and thus are inherently loaded. Similarly, describing Negroes as “People of African descent” is inherently fallacious, as proven by The Genographic project, confirming the theory that all of mankind is of African descent. So how did white men conquer the world, exactly? Through several functions of cause and effect which occurred in a specific sequence that would create that effect, starting out with:

Genetic Mutation

Blue Eyes Blue Eyes are one of the most distinctive genetic mutations in humans.

The phenotype commonly referred to as Caucasians has many more conspicuous, traceable mutations (such as white skin and blue eyes) in the last 20 – 50 thousand years than all the others. Where as other phenotypic group expressions (commonly referred to as “races”) differ primarily in orthopedic, (and more specifically, cranial) qualities, there are enough variations in Europeans to functionally deprecate any further use of the words “race” and “Caucasian“. White people are uniquely different from virtually all other phenotypic groups in that the genetic mutations that created them are vastly more distinct. They constitute a larger number of diverse physical characteristics that are not as subtle as the variations that exist in other groups. Thus, the prevalence of white people across the world speaks to what many scientists believe to be natural selection due to the perception of an apparent innovative survivability by female mates within the group of this distinct phenotype, giving generational prominence. This is why blue and green eyes, fair skin, blond, brown and red straight hair became the standard qualities that describe people of this group. Virtually all of these qualities are genetic mutations that were simply given preference over most others when they first occurred, thus giving them a greater degree of ubiquity in the group than the other existing permutations.

Environmentally fueled Cognition

Now while the genetic filtration process occurred in Africa due to migration, those who had migrated north found more favorable ground in which to propagate their groups as Africa had changed. The once northern temperate zones passed closer to the equator due to continental shift, making the continent less hospitable to fertile produce, agriculture and livestock. Those who migrated north found cooler, more temperate zones where their cognition could develop at a normal pace as the nutritional support was far better. If all migratory groups had the same nutritional opportunities, no single group would have a stronger cognitive pulse. Those who remained in Africa could not have nurtured as favorably as the northern folk, and so the vicious cycle of nature compelling nurture, produced in Europe what it didn’t in Africa:


It is fair to say that civilization evolved out of the lands north of Africa first. In fact, from what we know, civilization erupted in the middle east long before it got anywhere else in the dark continent. The further north humans got, the more advanced their civilizations became. It’s the same humans in each group. However, any group migrating out of Africa got a jump start. This is why after 60,000 years of evolution, the northern folks were able to revisit Africa in their now finely refined, fair skinned, brown haired, blue eyed, cotton clad, gun toting, sea faring, gold digging, monarchy backed personas, only to see their fellow humans in almost the same position they left them 60,000 years earlier living in relatively primitive civilizations.

The Africans, having never seen humans with blond hair or blue eyes before, presumed they were Gods and proceeded to worship them. In return, their new gods plunderedtheir lands….wantonly and indiscriminately.

Absolute Conquest

When the fair skinned humans noticed the obvious intellectual, social and economic disparity between the societies they came from and the societies (for lack of a better word) in which they found their African brothers, they assumed, unscientifically, that they were superior. Naturally, this created a superiority complex among the Europeans rediscovering Africa. Little did our fair skinned brothers realize (they would not have discovered DNA and genetics for another 500 years) that the reason for the disparity is not intrinsic to their culture (or nature), but rather was merely a reflection of a very slight advantage their long forgotten fore fathers had, that they weren’t even aware of. The rest is history: Slavery, Racism, Apartheid. For black folks reading this, the fair skinned men from the northern lands weren’t the first to enslave darker skinned humans. That was just the most recent case. In fact, Africans have been enslaved at least five times in world history. At the very least, the Arabs, Greeks, Persians, Romans and various European nations such as Portugal and Holland all chipped in. As a result, the darker men in Africa constantly had their culture being rebooted every 500 – 2,000 years by their smarter, more cognitively evolved, fairer skinned northern land dwelling brothers. Some 700 years later, Africa is still trying to play catch up to the rest of the world, as it desperately tries to recover from the repeated culture rape of the last 5,000 years or so. Now that Africa was sore, the status quo had been established.

The Status Quo

This is perhaps the most important step in world domination for our fair skinned northern brothers. The white man had not only demonstrated his raw cognitive, military and social superiority to the Africans, but an offshoot of his y-chromosome that migrated to the far east was also no stranger to the Europeans’ firm leather boots. The Asians were next on the list. Having established a Status Quo throughout Europe, battling among themselves for about 1000 years, using everything from fire to religion and then milking the dark continent of its ore and its physically superior, but cognitively inferior denizens, making an impact on the far east wasn’t too hard. Besides, their kung-fu was no match for a few ships armed with cannons. After Africa and Asia fell under the boot of their fairer skinned brothers, they decided that the rest of the world needed conquering. So they mounted ships and repeated everything they did in Africa over the last 4,000 years to the y-chromosome cousins of the Asians in Northern, Central and Southern America. As they’ve done this before, it was second nature by now. Concordantly, this is why:

We speak European languages

With each act of conquest, the white man proceeded to impart to all of his conquered subjects his ways, his science, his art, his philosophy, his language, his governance structure, the appreciation of his women as the de facto standard of beauty, his technology, his education, thereby matriculating the rest of the world over the next 400 years into his standards. Aside from genetics, one of the distinctive differences between ethnic groups, is language. If you’re not white and you’re reading this, then you are a living example of the superiority of Europe. To demonstrate this effectively, I invite you to consider the following anecdote: A friend asked me recently: “How many languages do you speak?” I then responded as follows:

  1. Ich spreche Deutsches (German)
  2. Nihongo ga wakarimasu (Japanese)
  3. Je parle Français (French)
  4. Hablo español, y… (Spanish)
  5. I speak English

They thought that was really impressive – but I was somewhat ashamed. Why? Because I don’t know a single word of Swahili. I know the languages of some of the cultures that made their mark upon the world, but I didn’t know any of the languages of my origin. Though to be fair, Africa is teeming with indigenous tongues. The average educated African speaks about three or four languages. Never the less, the ubiquity of European languages speaks volumes. It says that:

The world is defined by European standards

Beyoncé KnowlesImages like this often send the wrong message to young black women about beauty.

I’ve had Asian friends complain about the invasion of China by the west, when China uses a system of government white men invented. It’s the same way how black folks complain that racism inhibited black people, even though they don’t have to worry about yellow fever, and are earning six figure salaries in white run companies. The hypocrisy is hilarious, to say the least, since China owes its wealth to America and Africans living in the west are not as poor. It’s the same reason why most western black people would never return to Africa, why Latinos are trying to escape Mexico, why you’re Asian and you don’t know a single word in Chinese, or why your government is no longer run by a Monarchy or a religious elite. White people have reformed our thinking and given us the ability to think about things in a wholly different way. It is not surprising that our education systems, our governments, our politics, our clothing, the technology we use, the sports we play, many of our cultural idiosyncrasies and much of the music we love is largely based on European standards. Europeans and their descendants have defined much of what you now come to take for granted, because it was “always there“. That’s why complaining about the hypocrisy and inequality between races is an intrinsically redundant argument. It is not by hypocrisy that the playing field isn’t level. It’s by necessity. I know this sounds Machiavellian from the outset, but all peoples needed to evolve out of their barbarianism sooner or later. Whites just got there first and are now spreading that around. If white men had not intervened when they did, many peoples would still be living in primitive societies plagued by dangerous diseases and barbaric cultural practices. I know you might be thinking that white folks could have done the same thing without the hideous crimes against humanity. Those were certainly regrettable, but all ethnic groups are guilty of the same crime. The unification of China saw the slaughter and exile of many ethnic Chinese groups that brought the Han Chinese to prominence. The same thing is happening in Africa even today, most recently with the genocide in Darfur and Rwanda. Even prehistoric neanderthals had similar periods of ethnic cleansing. So white people are no more vile than the rest of humanity. That’s just human nature at work. However, the humanity that grew out of European influence would not have occurred without the preceding brutality. Human nature is such that the greatest good only occurs after the greatest evil. It would have happened with us too. However, since the environment gave whites the obvious cognitive advantage, they went through those phases before all others. That’s would consequently explain:

Why other groups have some inferiority complex

DFID Team meets with Jamaican Prime MinisterConsultants from DFID (right) meet with the Jamaican government (left).

I mentioned once on this blog before that I’ve never seen a black run government hire black consultants to do any kind of work related to social development. The United Kingdom’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Canadian Inter Development Agency are some of the primary sources of social development consultancy in the third world. There’s a very good reason for that. European cultures have already gone through hundreds of years of teething pains when it came to social development. Thus, once they solved those problems, they passed it down through generations of documentation, building on their previous knowledge, developing the the first world societies they now live in. Other cultures were still primitives at the same time. Even so, I’ve seen enough cases where black men in black run governments would much rather give a multi-million dollar consulting contract to white men from a foreign land than to their own black natives. I’ve seen the very same thing in Asia as well. So I know it’s not unique to black people. In fact, the same thing happens in many developing nations across the world.

Why is everyone else in the world subconsciously demonstrating this submissive behaviour in regards to white people? It’s probably for the same reason why when early Africans and the Arawak Indians first saw white men, they literally bowed down and worshiped them. The physical appearance of white men has even been attributed to that of “gods” in some primitive sub-Saharan tribes. The impact of seeing blue eyes for the first time is certainly intriguing. …but I digress.

What really fascinated me though, is that during my high school years, even though we had a very mixed student population, the black kids seemed to develop a certain deeper respect for those of our teachers who were white that wasn’t exactly duplicated for those who were black. I thought it was odd at first, until I saw the black teachers doing the same thing – even for those white teachers whom they supervised. How bizarre is that? I thought that was odd. It wasn’t until years later during my late teens that I read about a psychological condition called an “inferiority complex” and a corresponding “superiority complex“. Adolf Hitler and his Nazi kin are probably the best demonstration of the latter.

The worshiping of white men by the local natives when they made first contact is perhaps the best demonstration of the former.

It would appear as though the massively unique number of mutations that generated white men not only served to their advantage among their own kin, but also among the rest of the world. It’s as if their collective inferiority complex caused them to subconsciously hand the keys of the world to the white man. It was Africans who sold blacks into slavery. The same thing happened in Asia. Everyone who has ever blamed white people for the world’s problems seems to forget those small historical details. They didn’t take it away. It was given to them. That’s what has in turn created:

The Brain Drain on the third world

In many third world nations, being educated at a local university is not quite as prestigious as graduating from one in North America or Europe – even though the course content is exactly the same in most cases. The thing is that when people migrate north to study, they rarely return home to implement their knowledge. It’s white folks working as volunteers who do that. Oh, the irony. So while the smartest people who are born in backwater towns are the best hope of that town moving into the modern age, they are often forced to find work in the northern lands because they are either threatened by crime or economic stagnation. This is why universities in first world nations are offering full scholarships to the brightest living in the third world. This not only robs the third world of its smartest people, but it creates a one way road into first world economies, making them even stronger and more powerful. I honestly can’t blame them. Bright people tend to have very little patience with troglodytes. I can especially relate because of  cases where brilliant third world personalities are snuffed out by crime because their foreign ideas threatened the businesses in their home state that refused to innovate. That would never happen to a white man coming into the community to do the same thing though. The biggest companies in the world are owned by people of European descent. So even where a third world local fails to implement his innovative ideas in his country due the collective ignorance of his countrymen, white men will be able to do just that without any resistance at all. The inferiority complex of the natives is what gives the white men that power. It is no small wonder then that:

There is White Privilege

I watch the BBC a lot – largely because of their highly educational documentaries – particularly the Horizon series. One of the things I’ve gleaned from the BBC is how white men can literally go to any part of the world and they will be given the right of way. Even the local authorities in some countries seem to defer to the “appearance” of authority inherent in visiting white men. Racial profiling is practically nonexistent on white people. I’m sure other groups of humans have enslaved Caucasians in the past. The most conspicuous example however, is when it was done by other Caucasians (like the Barbary Slave Trade). There aren’t many other conspicuous examples – at least, nothing rising to the level of the Atlantic Slave Trade of Africans.

This means that unlike Negroes, Asians and other phenotypic expressions, there is virtually no time in recorded history where a substantial portion of the white race was disenfranchised because of the colour of their skin. Not even World War II’s atrocities matched that of the Atlantic African slave trade. Never the less, I can only imagine that for the most part, it must feel good to be white given the rest of the world’s inherent delusion that the biological qualities of the Europeans are anything more than just biological. So although third world governments are free of colonial rule, they still defer to their colonial masters, completely misreading their assertive nature.


But let us avoid denial: Who was brave enough to sail across the seemingly flat surface of the Earth to discover the New World? Who do you see hanging with the Gorillas in the mist? Who is exploring the deepest darkest corners of the Oceans and daring to explore the cold dark expanse of space? White men. You rarely ever see any other ethnic group doing these things. Love or hate them, we owe a great deal of our cognitive evolution to white men. But let us not get distracted. Any group of humans that migrated out of Africa to the north west would have evolved into fair skinned, blue eyed, brown haired explorers extraordinaire. The environment is what facilitated the genetic mutations. Technically, any phenotypic expression of the human genotype can produce any other. They weren’t white while they were primitive tribes in Africa. Either way, none of that matters anymore.


The impending ubiquity of technology has effectively shrunken the world. While great divides still exist economically between white societies and all others, the rest of the world has finally caught up with the cognitive levels of white men – and white men are to be thanked for that. It is they who after all have educated the rest of the world on their social advancements. No longer does the USA hold a monopoly on economies of scale nor is it the manufacturing center of the world. China now has that honor. The greatest minds in the world may still be mostly white, but now those great minds include Africans, Asians, Hispanics and every other variation of humanity in between. This is how whites have ultimately redeemed themselves. Make no mistake though – white people still rule the world. The only thing changing this, is that there is a limitation to cognitive evolution. The more educated a group becomes, the more interested it will be in the pursuit of knowledge and the less interested it will be in the pursuit of procreation. White populations around the world, from America to Europe, are dwindling. This is the change that will ultimately unseat the dominant phenotype – maybe not in our lifetimes, but certainly eventually. White populations are not expanding as quickly as that of other groups – most notably people of Asian, Latin and Negro descent. If the rate of cognitive evolution remains the same and the negative population growth of Europeans is unmitigated, we may very well see a successful shift in the dominant phenotype from Europeans to Asians. Even so, this is not a cause for concern. There will always be white people around. That their populations are shrinking is only a function of being the first to civilize. That will be the fate of all distinct human groups. For as I said before, no phenotype is inherently superior by design. The perception is a fallacy based on the deceptive evolutionary impact of the environment. Genetic advantage is a fleeting thing.

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  1. Shogo
    February 12, 2014 at 7:34 am

    Not everyone appreciates what whites have done though. I prefered to remain as samurai rather than help coverting my lands into a modernized nation. Sometimes westernization is the only way to protect a country from white invasion. Sure western culture gave us electricity, better government system, etc. But why is it that anyone who gets involved in white matter always get their butt kicked? White people are intelligent but they lack in something spiritual. They have grown in only one direction you know. Many other cultures involve whorshipping of animals even though they are obviously inferior to human. Some prefer to go aggressive while some stays quiet. Whoever takes the initiative survives which is the law of the nature and whites happened to be successful in subjugating the rest, becoming rich by looting, ruling the world. What else will make you satisfied? It’s a turning point for human kind and whites did their part, but also left a lot of mess behind too.

  2. Benjamin Green
    January 31, 2014 at 6:28 pm

    So basically what your saying is we are all black men and women only seoerated through mutations through time. Alriiiiiight! I knew it. Love how your papers put together. Im preparing a speech on culture you gave me some perspectiv. Thanks for doing the footwork!

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