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The Danger of Educating Women

“Women who desire to become equal with men become less valuable as women.”


Chicks RuleI, the fat lady, do hereby declare that I have sung. Now where’s my lighter?

If all the women in the world were to be truly liberated, in the sense that they were all educated at the same level as their male counterparts, given truly equal opportunities to occupy all the same positions that men currently do, what do you think will happen to our capacity to continue our existence?

Woman, thou art loose

Super Femme, here to match wits with... umm... uhh...

Super Femme, here to save the day from the... umm... uhh...

Clearly none of this will ever happen. We’d all die out as a race eventually. Feminists, I’m sure, would disagree. Women can do all that they’ll say, AND be a mommy too. Clearly, there is no place in the world for men. I find such ideology to be absolutely hilarious though, since many feminists are gay.

Concordantly, a world run by women would be slightly more dysfunctional; if not for the mere fact that an overabundance of over-ambitious females effectively cauterizes our capacity to continue to exist as a race, then for the fact that we’d start world war 3 just because someone had a bad hair day.

Wait, before you get incensed, I’m not belittling women or their capacity to do whatever. I’m actually belittling the idea that women can rule the world and change diapers at the same time. I have no doubts that they could. Certainly there are women in senior management positions who can mother.

They’re just not very good at it.

When I say “it”, I’m not talking about being a mother or being a top level manager. I’m talking about doing both of them at the same time and being very good at both. Such is the product of science fiction, and over indulgence in the fantasy world of Lifetime television. It’s a lot of silly titty-fiction.

Every woman who has been good at her career, either gave up something in her home life, or put the career on hold to push out babies first. There are no exceptions. The reverse is also true. You can be a great mother and a decent manager, or a great manager and a decent mother. Every woman can do that.

Being great at both requires more hours than there are in the day and more nerves than there are in the spine. So on some days, she will have to break a few promises to her household to get that report in on time. On others, she’ll tell her boss to take a hike (literally) and trip balls with the husband.

But I dare you to find me one woman (just one) who never had to make some serious sacrifices for her career and for her family. Why do women do this to themselves? Because we let them think that way. Such is the danger of the liberated western female; she is strong, invincible and about to see her period.

The Misogyny of The Blood Religions

Those chicks are SOOO hot!

Those chicks are SOOO hot!

Every religion out of the Middle East reduces women to second class citizens. Even God in the Bible appears to only appoint women when he can’t find a decent male to take up the job. However, the Christian Bible is as misogynistic as the Koran. Women are either forbidden to speak or to show their faces.

Islam, Judaism and Christianity are clear about female inferiority. It seems as if there is some sort of hidden agenda afoot. Extremist Islamic states even forbid their girls from being educated outright, some going as far as committing the brutal, inhumane act of female circumcision. (Ouch!)

It’s almost if ancient men had long perceived some danger in having women at the same level of intellect as the ruling class men. I think this issue goes far deeper than that of having one’s ego being threatened by a powerful woman. That’s not the case. In fact, many men crave such a fantasy.

In fact, if that wasn’t the case, we probably wouldn’t have created such iconic fictional characters from Wonder Woman (DC Comics) to every female character by Japanese manga artist, Masamune Shirow. Boys have fantasized about their female teachers, and men about their female bosses.

However, almost no such female characterizations exist in Eastern culture (with the exception of Japan and similars, obviously). So what is it about women that the east fears that the west does not? Why have they worked so hard to subdue women, while we have done the same to liberate them?

The Blood Religions provide us with a clue:

In the allegory of Eve’s temptation, the Bible says that her seed would be cursed, and subsequently redeemed by the coming of Christ. Throughout the Bible, the woman is demonised as a whore, the cause of man’s damnation, etc. Apparently, women are men’s kryptonite. So this misogyny goes back thousands of years.

But on a brighter note…

In the west however, not only have we liberated women, given them the right to vote, the right to speak out and to own stuff, but we have also given them the right to become as educated as much as men. We even now have women who are running for President of the United States.

But isn’t it interesting to note that ever since the feminist movement of the 1950’s, there’s been a correlational increase in divorce? But of course! Now that women are no longer under the shadow of their  dominating, chauvinist husbands, they can put away a man and take his money too!

Gold diggers rejoice! Yay! Girl power! *cough*cough* eusa_shifty

Maybe this is what the Blood Religion subscribers feared. Lord knows them Jews are sitting on some serious money. Lucky for the wives of rich American Jews, they are not bound by laws of the Orthodoxy. So woman go get your shovel and get it on. 😉

Fornication is a farce

Fornication is a farce*giggles*tee-hee-hee-hee* …wait, are those ants?

The blood religions weren’t the first to keep women down. Women were regarded as assets to ancient societies. If you were a king of some ancient city, you could trade up your finest virgin daughter to the son of an invading king to appease the young tyrant, thus sparing your city the threat of certain annihilation.

This is why virgins were so valuable. A virgin is regarded in such cultures as an unpicked fruit – suitable for political trade agreements between families. This is the primary reason why Blood Religions put such a premium on a woman retaining her virginity for marriage even to this day.

Unfortunately, it’s been so long since a girl has been traded up to save a kingdom, that Islam and Christianity have long forgotten why fornication was a bad thing. So when they built religion around everything, they included nice little bits to justify this cultural approximation in religion.

Basically, where cultures came out of the ground revering women as child bearing vessels and the ultimate appeasement of any man’s desire, the value of her virginity evolved from [Insert cultural requirement here] to [Insert ‘God’ here] thereby fulfilling the cultural requirement.

However, long before girls were being traded as commodities in commerce and peace offerings during war, women were also regarded as the guardians of the domain of sex (sort of). Unless a man was homosexual, he would have to seek a woman to appease that powerful urge to procreate.

So let’s do the math: Can you imagine back in the day if a King’s daughter was so educated that she decided the invading king’s son was too dumb an ox to appease her? What blasphemy! The wanton and indiscriminate bloodshed that would ensue would last for… oh… about 2 seconds.

After cleaning her father’s spleen from his axe, and the end trails of her country men from his boots, she would have to join the harem as the newest addition to his ever expanding collection of girls acquired from exotic kingdoms. King Solomon so totally knows what I’m talking about. You naughty Jew.

The Price of Freedom

What do you mean you're out of Huggies™?

"What do you mean you're out of Huggies™? You're fired!"

While the Blood Religion subscribers preferred the idea of a patriarchal society, one that would not be threatened of the usurpation by the weaker sex, we went ahead and did the very opposite and let them all out of their boxes – leveling the playing field for both sexes.

This move had very positive results. Not only did we literally double the size of the working force, thus exponentially increasing the economy’s total yield, but it also tempered the obnoxious propensities of men in high positions. However, while all of this is a good thing, there is a catch:

Liberating women has inexorably set the bar almost impossibly higher for them. The creatures that were explicitly designed to nurture now aspire to become conquerors as well. Yet, when their high heels break their nails, we get to hear all this crap about “society’s ridiculous expectations of women“.

Really?! Give me a break.

Society expected women to do what women always did. In fact, if I were to say what women always did, I’d probably never hear the end of it. Now that they want to be just like men, they are getting better at what we always did, but are now getting worse at what they always were supposed to do.

It is women who have become ambitious and decided that there’s more to being female than popping out babies and washing dishes. Women hold themselves to these standards – not men. Personally, I have no issue with that. I say women should aspire to be just as great as they want to be.

However, this is not so cut and dry:

The Nanny Conundrum

Nanny MomSho’ baby, I’ll be your mommy for the next 8 hours 😉

So what does a woman do when she’s too busy to prepare a meal for the family, too busy to keep the house presentable, so busy that sex becomes something of a chore just to keep him from straying, or worse: too busy to realise her nanny knows her kids better than she does?

Why is it that in so many modern families, the raising of the children is left to the nanny? So many kids are better acclimated with their house maid than their own mothers. Some women today even go as far as to make it seem like only unambitious women look forward to having children.

This type of correlation is borne out of the fact that many educated women put off having kids until their mid to late 30’s – often to the detriment of their own health. On the other hand, it’s interesting that less educated women seem to value their maternal instinct more so than their ivy league counterparts.

In fact, today’s modern western cultures seem to have two separate breeds of women. The first are the standard females that desire to raise children and there are the career women who’re too busy being a man to raise (or even want) their own child. Women seem to be oblivious to this oddity.

It’s such a worrisome devaluation of the woman – and the woman has only herself to blame. Women who desire to become equal with men become less valuable as women. While some men don’t mind (they have their secretaries to fill that void) many women unanimously think this is a good thing.

I wonder how many people realise that something’s wrong here? Probably not many, and here’s why:

Securing the Gonads

Female boss going after some guy's nuts.Balls! On my desk! STAT!

Some women assert that men fear successful females. That’s not true. Most men in the west are attracted to successful females – so long as they retain their femininity. Men however, are not attracted to women who retain characteristics that are uncharacteristically female, like overt aggressiveness.

More specifically, there are women out there who feel the need to assert themselves by emasculating every male they come across. I find that many of these women are on a revenge streak, taking vengeance (albeit subconsciously) for some wrong that was done to them earlier in life by a man.

Then there are those women who genuinely have an overproduction of male hormones in their blood, who genuinely get a kick out of subduing men. Either way, most men like to keep their balls intact. Getting involved with a woman who would compete with him won’t sustain an erection… unless he was gay.

It’s the equivalent of a man trying to become sexually attracted to a pre-op transsexual. Men get all their competition from the company of other men. It’s called male bonding. This is why we watch the game together, guzzle beers by the canister and trade war stories. We don’t desire this from women.

When we meet an attractive woman, that left brain “male bonding” algorithm switches off, and we desire to have our emotional, sexual, right brain desires fulfilled. So when we encounter a sexy, sultry, attractive woman who wants to be aggressive like a man, we get confused and go flaccid.

Sure she looks hot in that short skirted business suit. But every time we decide to approach her as a man would instinctively approach a female, we expect her to take the female role during the courtship. When she inexplicably becomes masculine about it, our gaydar goes off and we walk.

Did I say walk? I’m sorry; we run.

Successful women and gender role confusion

The funny thing is I know so many women like this. All of them are over 30, single or divorced – even though they are very successful in their careers. All of them are complaining about exactly the same thing: “Why can’t I find a man?“. Some have even thought that their success is to blame.

As poetic as that sounds, it’s not true.

Men don’t mind successful women. We just don’t like women who are unusually masculine, irrespective of how successful they are. The trouble is, women who are successful become so because of their naturally aggressive, assertive characteristics. No woman becomes a CEO by being docile.

So a lot of the time, there is a very small, very slight amount of gender role confusion going on with a highly successful female who has a remarkable skill in gonad extraction surgery. She is so good at emasculation, that she doesn’t even realise when she’s doing it. And they wonder why they’re still single…

Highly successful career women have to learn how to bring down their “tough-guy” defenses when dealing with men. Men who do go after such women are trophy hunters – not prospective husbands. So the only thing such women will attract are jerks and lesbians. Pick your poison. Carefully.

Career vs. Role Play

Bitch bitchin at her bitchWho’s your mommy? Say my name bitch!

So does this mean that a woman has to choose between her career and her love life? Not at all. She can have both – depending on the career path. It’s all about understanding gender roles. Unfortunately, very few career women think gender is still of any relevance, which is why they’re still inexplicably single.

So here’s a clue:

Women who are successful in business sometimes forget that they’re females. If they’re attracted to men, they have to remember to act the part. Most men in western cultures don’t mind if their woman is more successful than they are. So long as she retains the role of “Mrs.” when she gets home, it’s all good.

However, many successful women in business take home the same “boss” attitude to their husbands that they used to “boss” the other men (and women) around at work. They forget that what applies at work, does not apply at home. Women who do this are guaranteed to remain painfully single at 30.

Even though some men deserve it, most men would never subject themselves to being coddled like a child by any woman who is not his mother. If a woman takes on this parent child relationship with her lover, you can bet the farm that he’s going to find another woman who assumes a more feminine role.

So if your guy has a really hot secretary, you might want to resist the itch to flip the bitch switch, which is being a witch in an emotional ditch which might not stitch the gaping hole in the whole of your soul that the mole of a secretary stole, performing the role of the sexy cajole – Got that? Excellent.

No matter how successful a woman becomes, she needs to remember that men aren’t looking to have sex with a woman that quacks, walks and acts like a man. We still prefer our females quite feminine 100% of the time. If you think that men should just “get over it”, then we’ll leave you to do the same.

On the other hand, there are a few men out there who prefer dominant females. It’s just that they take on the feminine role in the relationship. I’m not too certain many career females are into passive, non-assertive men. So that is irrelevant to this discussion. They have their own niche, however queer it is.

…no pun intended, obviously.

Career vs. Man

Men and women are now even

The Score is now 1-1

Of course, successful career women can’t just go out there and pick up any decent guy. Oh no. It’s not that simple anymore. You’re not just some secretary waiting for Joe Testosterone. Being on the same footing with men changes the formula altogether. Meeting your romantic requirements is now much harder.

For example, successful career women shouldn’t marry someone outside that field unless he can handle its demands on her. This is the reason why women in specialized fields tend to be more successful with men who are also in the field. They have a better appreciation for the demands (and rewards) of such jobs.

A lot of female surgeons face cheating husbands who weren’t prepared to deal with the long, irregular hours. CEO women who fall in love with men who can’t relate to MBA speak run the risk of having to deal with his insecurity when he can’t relate to her as well as her other more sophisticated male colleagues.

Doctors who marry doctors are usually more successful than doctors who marry mechanics. Grey’s Anatomy isn’t too far off the mark. This is the same reason why Hollywood types tend to stick with other Hollywood types. Their mates know the grueling demand of such careers and are not intimidated by it.

If you’re going to go after a guy who is outside of your field, at least have the good sense to procure a male interest that is more or less at the same intellectual level. The score is now 1 – 1. Women are no longer second class citizens. If he doesn’t match you cognitively, then you might want to reconsider.

Of course, there’s a catch. Most men prefer jobs that have a practical feel to it. So in any corporate environment, women will outnumber men by a ratio of 3:1. Most men who are in management didn’t go through the same ladders as their female counterparts. So the workforce is likely to be largely female.

What does this mean? Corporate women have a much, much thinner bracket of men to choose from if they’re looking to match like with like. If you add to that the few men out there who still believe women should stay at home, plus those who want children ASAP, your success quickly becomes a bottleneck.

Women from all other regular, non-intensive career streams usually don’t have a problem hooking up with an appropriate male – irrespective of his level of success. If however such women find themselves successful, very likable, over 30 and still single, then you may have another problem. Read this.

Career vs. Motherhood

Mommy changing baby diaper @ workMultitasking – the mythical pride of womankind – ‘myth’ being the operative word.

This one should be a no brainer – unfortunately it isn’t. Nothing is wrong with being an exclusively Career woman. However, if as a woman you have ever thought that you had to choose between your career and being a mother, then please, do us all a huge favour; choose career. We don’t need your DNA.

Am I being mean? Not at all. As far as being a motherly female is concerned, career women are often the worst kind. Why consider motherhood if you think your career is equally as important? Motherhood is considered by most women as a right of passage. If you think it’s a choice, then please; spare us your offspring.

The less of you there are, the better. 😉

Hundreds of women in western civilization opt out of having children for all kinds of reasons. None of them need any validation since they are all based on preference. So I’m not even going to attempt to say whether or not they’re justified. Any woman who chooses not to have children is doing us all a favour.

Why do I say this? Because I would prefer to live in a world with well adjusted females than those who have been poisoned by their career moms who got “knocked up” unwillingly. There’s nothing worse in sexual politics than a female who genuinely believes that her gender role is mutable.

In fact, women who think like this should all should wear a sticker so that men can easily identify and avoid them. This way, we can weed them out of the gene pool and satisfy their ludicrous feminist aspirations at the same time. Feminists don’t realise that they’re actually working in our favour.

So… umm… thanks?

The Danger of Feminism

Palin's BratShe that is faithful in little, is faithful in much

Feminism had an original objective: to liberate women from oppression and inequality. However, now that much has been achieved, its refusal to go out of existence has now given women even harder targets to set their sights on. They’re now under pressure to become something they’re not.

That’s the danger of educating women.

When Sarah Palin was selected to be Senator McCain’s running mate, her (count them) five children were of some concern to women’s groups all over the country. I’m pretty sure Governor Palin could foot the bill of juggling both. I would just feel bad for either her kids or the economy. I can’t decide which.

Men by comparison don’t run such a risk. While fatherhood is equally as important as motherhood, men don’t have to carry a child in gestation for 9 months or choose between fatherhood and a career. The world doesn’t need to pause for human continuity once every 28 days and we don’t need maternity leave.

This is why men exist alongside women. Can you see the harmonic symmetry of both sexes assuming their predesignated gender roles? So why do we need to fix it?

I’m not saying that women don’t deserve to be educated. The world is better off with educated women. Less of them tend to have unwanted pregnancies when educated. However, can you imagine the highly unrealistic expectations that have been heaped onto western women because of feminism?

As if women weren’t already under enough pressure to look unrealistically young and thin, as well as dealing with the emotional prospect of motherhood, now they have to compete with men, to be like men, to be equivalent to men in all matters to be considered a truly liberated female. Wow.

Well, good luck with that.

My point is this:

Population Growth in Europe and ChinaA graph showing negative population growth in Europe since the 20th century – coinciding with when women were liberated. Compare with China that has no comparable statute. Source: International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis

Irrespective of where women want to go and what liberties they would love to consume, there are still important roles for each gender to play. Humanity was designed around these precepts. So long as we don’t compromise these very basic tenets of humanity, we guarantee our continued existence.

Societies based on Middle-Eastern blood religions have addressed this problem by simply oppressing women into blind servitude and supplication. That kind of extreme isn’t necessary. Furthermore, most modern societies wouldn’t enjoy a robotic female devoid of any enchanting individuality.

So while it pains me to hear about the oppression of women in Afghanistan, I am not very less troubled by this increasing trend in the west where women have become so liberated that now they’re choosing to redefine traditional gender roles. Women should remain women. What’s wrong with that?

Where did this unhealthy obsession with deifying women come from? I think men are to blame for this run away train as well. We’re so caught up with being politically correct that we’ve unwittingly undone one of the most basic premises of life. This must have some serious implications on young girls.

We are now at a stage where many women in the west prefer to spend the first 30+ years of their life pursuing a career instead of a family. 40 year old mothers are common. The number is growing steadily. But in European states where education is heavily subsidized, there is a notable population shrinkage.

Curiously enough, this is not the case in less developed nations. With that said, I had a very interesting thought: Perhaps the best way to control the population explosion in developing countries like India and China, is to educate all the women to the same level that they are in Europe.

Never the less, I don’t mention this to suggest that we shouldn’t educate women – rather, it is to demonstrate that the counter-effect is very real. Either way, I think we must not forget the basics of life. Sophistication has a price. Everything has its place in the world. Some things don’t need rethinking. Once we start becoming so liberated that we begin to meddle with the basics of life, we effectively open up a cans of worms that can never be closed.

Breaking News: Palin Resigns!

Sarah Palin resigns

Sarah Palin resigns. Rejoice. Now.

Just as I was about to hit the publish button on this piece, a news item popped up on my screen: Sarah Palin has decided to resign as Alaska Governor. While this does not necessarily mean that she is completely gone from politics, it does put a dent in her bid for 2012. According to the beleaguered governor:

Sarah Palin:
“I polled the most important people in my life, my kids, where the count was unanimous. Well, in response to asking, ‘Hey, you want me to make a positive difference and fight for all our children’s future from outside the governor’s office?‘ It was four yeses and one ‘Hell, yeah!” And the ‘Hell, yeah’ sealed it.”

When those kids are out the door, I suspect we’ll be hearing from her in 2024. If she only had like two kids, we would probably hear from her in maybe 2016 if the democrats lose in 2012. She’d still lose, but at least now she has her priorities in the right order. It appears there is hope for woman kind yet.

Adda gurl. eusa_clap

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