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“To become king in the land of the blind, the one eyed man must first pretend to be blind.


eorge W. Bush is a genius. Yes, I said it. The 43rd President of the United States is an unparalleled savant. Never before in the history of the world has one man duped the greatest modern empire of all time into the greatest modern hoax of all time by manipulating the greatest man made act of terrorism of all time to sideswipe the greatest united committee of all time to foster the worst orchestrated war of all time using the greatest lie of all time for the most underhanded and nefarious act of self profiteering of all time while plummeting the greatest empire of all time into the worst economic slump of all time then duping the “greatest” nation of all time into bringing him back for round two and three. And to top it all off, he did it all while appearing to be the dumbest, most inarticulate, most average, most unsophisticated, most ineloquent, least charismatic and worst favoured US president of all time. This guy made Nero look like a chump. Now if that isn’t the work of pure genius, I don’t know what is. But that’s not the kicker. George Bush got away with what he did, because he recognised long before anyone else, that the American public constitutes of the largest, most powerful Idiocracy of all time.

Absolute Power Corruption

George W. Bush I’ve always known that old men dream up wars for young men to die in, but this is ridiculous. What’s shocking to me is that there are still people in the world (*cough*republicans*cough*) who genuinely believe that the war in Iraq was Justified, because somehow, Iraq poses the greatest terrorist threat to the United States 🙄 That’s interesting, since Al Quaeda is not even based in Iraq. But never mind that. I’m pretty sure if the island of Jamaica had a ruthless dictator and they were sitting on monstrous coffers of black Gold, that somehow, the United States …er …George Bush …would’ve found a reason to declare the country a terrorist threat and invade the island. That’s called bullyism – ruthless dictator or not.

Now, the US of A has been doing this for decades. They are the world’s last super power and they got to that stage by being on a non-stop ass-kicking binge since World War II. Most Americans won’t admit it, but the reason why they do what they do is simply because it “feels good”. Yes I said it. Half of the wars fought since World War II needlessly involved the US in one way or another. Why does the US feel so compelled to be involved in every global conflict? It’s not because of they’re the most powerful nation on earth. No siree. They got to that stage by being a global bully. Rather, they feel compelled to do so, because like every bully who is desperate for attention, the USA feels the propensity to assert dominance for no other reason that just to repeatedly prove that they’re the baddest mothers this side of the Alpha Quadrant.

We see this absurd propensity in everything from movies to pop culture. The USA likes being on top and there is nothing inherently wrong with that. 300 years ago, it was the British Empire. Some 1600 years before them, it was the Roman empire and the cycle repeats itself for some 5,000 years all the way back to when the last great pseudo-negro empire ruled the known world. For some inexplicable reason (and I suspect it is quite probably genetic), empires built by white men have ravaged the face of the earth. They have always demonstrated a propensity to rule the world – and they have – and still do – at least until China rules the world in 2030. It is interesting to note, that there seems to be a progression of rule between the races, starting with the blacks (Egypt), the whites (Greece to present) and now the Chinese (present – ?). But none of that matters. The point I’m making here is simply this: The quest for power always ends in corruption and the Bush Administration of 2000 – 2008 is quite probably the single most corrupt government in the history of the United States.

The History of Deception

I find the last 8 years of US history to be very curious. Follow me for a moment:

  • 1999 – President William Jefferson Clinton ends his second term as President of the USA. It has a great economy, there is a job boom, a 3 trillion dollar surplus and enjoys excellent foreign relations. He even got his knob polished by two different women while he was at it. Gotta love the guy.
  • 2000 – Texas Governor George Bush inches out former Vice President Al Gore by 5 electoral votes in what has to be the single most ludicrous presidential election in the history of the universe. Florida votes were under scrutiny and if some overvotes were counted properly, it’s likely that the democrats would’ve won. It is curious that Jeb Bush, younger brother of George Bush, was Governor of Florida at this time. The long drawn out contention was so ridiculous that the USA became the laughing stock of the world for at least a month. So the US Supreme Court had to put this one away voting 7-2 in favour of discontinuing what was considered an “unconstitutional” recount. Y’know, I keep telling people that democracy doesn’t exist, but nevermind. 🙄
  • 2001 – Al Quaeda is implicated in the single most successful terrorist strike on US soil in history. However, there is enough evidence to suggest that something suspicious was up as the remains of the World Trade buildings and the Pentagon do not corroborate what the government told the American Public. The debate continues to this day. The US launch an Operative into Afghanistan to flush out Taliban operatives said to be affiliated with Al Quaeda.
  • 2002 – US forces pummel Taliban forces into the ground, scattering Al Quaeda forces and establishing an interim government after the fall of Kandahar.
  • 2003 – George Bush inexplicably turns his attention to Iraq, I guess because he thinks the operation in Afghanistan was enough. He starts a war in Iraq, citing it’s purpose as “to disarm Iraq of weapons of mass destruction (WMD), to end Saddam Hussein’s support for terrorism, and to free the Iraqi people.” He frames this war as a “War on Terror”, playing upon the fears of the American public (for whom 911 is still fresh in their minds), using the 5 colour code national terror watch to frighten Americans, thus building support for the war thus gaining majority support for the war. He even sideswipes the UN security council resolution 1441 which effectively promoted no military action against Iraq and went to war anyway.
  • 2004 – He trumps John Kerry in the elections without much trouble with Ohio being the contention state. The theme of the election was foreign policy. John Kerry never stood a chance. It doesn’t really matter now since Bush was already busy using 911 to gain sympathy from the American public to go out, kick ass and take names all over the middle east. Americans were too busy being bitter to care for diplomacy or any of that pansy boy bulltish – that’s why the Democrats lost. Americans wanted a President that would be willing kick ass and John Kerry flip flopped like a fish out of water. That epic asshole Sean Hannity sealed the deal by promoting George Bush as the president of choice and Fox News as the ultimate Republican propaganda machine. How fitting then that Hurricane Katrina hits later that same year and further demonstrates the inherent incompetence of the newly re-elected lame duck. It’s like God was punishing Americans for their profound stupidity. Sean Hannity should be shot at point blank range with a rusty nail.
  • 2005 – Hoo boy – it gets worse: Al Quaeda regroups in Afghanistan. US losses top 3,000 in Iraq. Al Quaeda bombs the subways in London, the CIA declares that there are NO WMDs in Iraq and Mr. Lame Duck’s popularity goes right down the the toilet. To make matters worse, more and more evidence (like the Downing Street Memorandum) and claims from Bush officials seem to show officially what conspiracy theorists had been harping on for a long time – That the Iraq war was based on a lie that was justification for removing Saddam Hussein through military force. As to why Bush wanted Saddam removed, republicans won’t admit, but I, like every other half intelligent person in the world could’ve easily surmised – was oil. Yes siree. Remember that Mr. Bush is a Texas Oil man of the worst kind (he’s a poor business manager). What better way to “secure the energy future of America” (read: make his family and friends richer) by taking out the only militant state that would hinder the American addiction to oil in the middle east while assessing the Chinese access to the same resource.
  • 2006 – Iraq is in a serious state of affairs, with over 1.1 million Iraqis dead since 2003, 2.2 million displaced from the country, with thousands fleeing to neighbouring countries on a monthly basis, an insurgence of Al Quaeda militia (after an earlier re-declaration of Jihad) which officially pits the United States as the single most hated country on the planet. Iraq is a mess of epic proportions and the USA becomes target numero uno of every Islamic extremist on the planet with access to anything that can go boom. Heh. Now national security becomes the US’ top priority since they now realise they are fighting an enemy with nothing to loose. The fact that Saddam Hussein is executed for crimes against humanity by the interim Iraqi government is little consolation. He is only a straw man. By this, his Patriot act and other acts of bending the law to suit his purposes while alienating the rest of the world earned George Bush the dubious title as the worst president ever.
  • 2007 – Americans finally recoil and realise that “Hey, we’re fighting an illegal war here!” and that “we’ve been lied to!“. Heh, no sh!t, Sherlocke 🙄 – that’s why Colin Powell opted out in 2004 after Bush explicitly told him to “find evidence that Iraq had WMDs”. Wow. Bush champions a cause to push for a surge into Iraq which, technically, is not so much strategy as it is wrapping several layers of band aid over a gaping wound. Meanwhile, oil and gas prices skyrocket as Bush’s friends make a killing, hundreds of thousands of jobs are shipped overseas thus leading to the systematic decimation of the middle class, thus making health care a luxury, while the US surplus is wiped out by a 10 billion dollar spending/month on the same illegal war in Iraq, inexorably causing the US to become indebted to China …can you believe it? CHINA! LOL!
  • 2008 – Lame Duck declares that the US economy is “healthy” after giving tax breaks to his wealthy lobbyist associates who control the majority wealth in the US economy in an effort to boost spending and thus the economy. He sure boosted spending alright – a lot of that money has gone overseas. Now his protegé, John McCain (who proudly boasts that he voted with Bush 90% of the time) wants to continue the cause and to no surprise, Republicans (blind, religious and stupid) are championing the cause. John McCain declares that he would rather loose an election than loose a war and chants this as his mantra – the hallmark of relentless obnoxious American Bravado that has proven in the past to be their own undoing.
  • 2009 – George Walker Bush will end his second term as President of the USA. It has a terrible economy, there is a job recession, a multi-trillion dollar deficit and suffers the worst foreign relations in the history of the country. He didn’t even get his knob polished while he was at it. Gotta love the guy.

The Anatomy of Deception

Now consider this: George Bush has been parodied, made fun of, ridiculed, and taken as a joke of epic proportions for much of the eight years he was in office. Think about that: EIGHT YEARS! Doesn’t that strike you as odd? If George Bush is as much an idiot as everyone made him out to be, then how come he managed to beat out two democrats who appeared to easily outpace him intellectually during the presidential debates of 2000 and 2004 respectively? At least the Brits were smart enough to get rid of their coward Prime Minister Tony Blair who was nothing more than Bush’s bitch. However, the Americans kept their idiot cowboy wannabe in office for eight whole years; that’s two whole terms, and they are now paying for it dearly. Who’s the fool now?

George W. Bush, MBA?

One wonders how the Americans could’ve made such an epic mistake – twice. Nobody considered that the oil companies that Bush ran as a businessman tanked – a testament to his sheer incompetence as a manager. You would think that the mere fact that this guy was an average student, a Yale and Harvard graduate because of his daddy’s money, a man who fabricated some of the facts of his military past to gain political mileage, who regularly used religion to justify his actions, who lied about evidence for an illegal war as being inherently dangerous to American society. But no… When you have people like the Republicans living in the world, you will realise that they are not substantially different from Islamic Extremists who, like George Bush would use religion to justify their actions. However, the inherent nature of religion is such that it can be used to justify anything – good and evil alike. But that’s just an aside. The real issue is this:

Wow. So let’s put things into perspective. When Bush took the oath of office, He declared that he was going after Saddam Hussein. So we all know that Iraq was in his sights. However, to go after Iraq, he needed a motivating cause. He needed a Machiavellian tragedy that would motivate the entire American public to back the war in Iraq (or any other war for that matter) since Americans like the sheep they are, believe everything they are told. So what better way to do that than using the worst terrorist attack on US soil to champion his righteous War on Terrorism? This is why he didn’t spend as much time or resources in Afghanistan as he should have. This is why Osama Bin Laden is still at large and also why Al Quaeda has regrouped and is posing an increasing threat in Afghanistan. The US forces have been fighting nothing more than a straw Man in Iraq (Hussein and Al Quaeda were enemies) just so that Bush could get at the oil in Iraq before the Chinese, while ignoring the real threat in Afghanistan.

How do you feel America? You’ve been duped by a dummy.


Now that he’s gotten what he went for, (foreign oil), his protege John McCain is going to tidy up things in Iraq, and refocus on Afghanistan – right? Wrong. McCain is a war Vet that has boiling blood for reclaiming US honour at any cost, since the US lost the war he fought in during the Vietnam war. He now feels compelled to WIN the war in Iraq at all costs (justification be damned) since winning is everything and he can’t stand to see the US loose a second major war in a row. It will be interesting to see if the American public has learned its lesson from its past 8 years of mistakes come November 4. Somehow, I doubt it, but I’d love to eat my words.

I said it once and I’ll say it again: George W. Bush is a genius. Not only was he able to accomplish what his father didn’t, but he also made the family even more wealthy for decades to come and toppled a Middle Eastern dictator while he was at it. He was able to pull this off because the American public are for the most part, the definitive Idiocracy. They are a kingdom of the blind; a society that is so self-absorbed and oblivious about the rest of the world that someone who appears to be a bumbling fool could get elected as the “Leader of the Free World” twice, even though he has wantonly and indiscriminately abused that freedom. George Bush became President of the United States of America because he realised a long time ago that for the one eyed man to become king in the land of the blind, he must first pretend to be blind. Needless to say, it worked brilliantly.

If McCain wins in November, it proves that the Americans can live with the fact that Bush lied to the American public, fought an illegal war, lost over 4,000 troops, mismanaged the economy, oversaw a mortgage implosion, brought on the first American recession in decades, all while appearing to be a bumbling, idiotic, buffoon:

Way to go George W. Bush. That was a brilliant show. I applaud you sir. Well done. 


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