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Girl Power Is A Myth

The mere fact that the phrase ‘Girl Power’ was ever coined alludes to the fact that it is just a myth.


Girl Power

I love having a female boss. There’s not much else in the world that’s as awesome as answering to a woman – especially when she’s bloody hot. Let’s face it, we live in a world where even though women are stepping up and stepping out, they’ll never be taken quite as seriously in the workplace as their male counterparts. Women are trying desperately to be treated with the same level of gravity as men, only to run into an irritating dilemma: Do you sacrifice your femininity to be taken seriously or do you accentuate your femininity and be treated as a sex object? You sure as ever can’t have both. Decisions, decisions. My contention is: Why are women even giving themselves such a headache in the first place? What was so wrong with the world when Men ruled unequivocally and women were our heart throb ladies in waiting at home? Ladies, in case you’re wondering why you even have to make a choice, here’s the top ten reasons why no matter what you do, this is still, always was, and always will be a man’s world:

10: Penis vs. Vagina

When a baby embryo gets a choice of penis or vagina, it’s like choosing between getting a sword or getting a shield. It’s like choosing between an axe or a tree. It’s like choosing between a gun and a target. You get the idea. It’s not that being a tree is necessarily a bad thing, but trees can’t dodge bullets. Having an axe is so much more useful! Having a penis allowed us to conqueror the world even while we’re taking a piss. It doesn’t leave us vulnerable to our enemies while we stop to take a leak. Can you imagine having your john in one hand and your sword in the other? Talk about Ever-Ready! You just can’t do that with a vagina. Furthermore, a penis never shuts down for maintenance every 28 days. So we can service as many vagina’s as we like, in and out of season, since lucky for us, not every vagina follows the same service schedule.

Not shutting down for maintenance also means that we can be more productive. So while women are being incapacitated, we’re still up and strong and busy taking over the world. We don’t need to take days off from work because of cramps or nausea. We don’t need to take maternity leave. We don’t need to top up on iron every day. We don’t have to take pills because of a natural condition. In fact, if you add up all those days in the year when women are naturally incapacitated, you’ll realise that for all those days women are out for maintenance, we men became so much more productive that we’ve left a more lasting impact on the world than women ever will. That’s one of the reasons why no matter the level of equality women seek, they will never be equal to a man in terms of sheer impact power. Penis trumps vagina any day of the week. Penis rules, and how.

9: Left Brain vs. Right Brain

The left brain is the side that handles math, logic and the impulse figure out the hows and the whys. The right brain is the side that handles the creative, emotive, artistic propensities and manages the whats, the whos and whens. Men are predominantly left brained. Women are predominantly right brained. This is why women are the way they are (and why we men love them just the way they are). Now because of this cognitive disposition, you will always find men who are better at left brain stuff like math, science, medicine, management, government administration, architecture and so forth. Now there are women who are good at these things too; they just number in the minority. You will find more women in right brain type jobs like marketing, advertising, art, event planning, interior decorating, nursing, secreterial and similar administrative roles. In fact, have you ever wondered why so many women have such poor judgement when behind the wheel? It’s because driving is a left brain skill – and women prefer to use their right brain. So be careful the next time you pull up beside a woman driving a SUV. You’ve been warned.

Now let us consider all of the major impact types of jobs that built civilization. We need architects to build our cities (left brain). We need doctors to engineer cures for our diseases (left brain). We need scientists to innovate solutions to our problems (left brain). We need people who can rule without having their judgement clouded by emotion (left brain). We need industrialists, engineers, mechanics, IT specialists and generally people who LOVE math! (definitely left brain). Let’s face it: Most women hate math. I’ve never met a girl who would prefer to geek out at a math or logic problem instead of going bonkers about a new baby, a hot new skirt, a wedding, the arrangement of a boquet of flowers, the colour paint in the living room or how ‘hot’ or ‘cute’ their phone needs to be. In fact the theory that girls were socialised to be right brained is rubbish. Every woman is built like that by default – to become a nurturer for offspring. Even women who are good at left brain stuff still prefer to enjoy right brain activities. Left brain built the world and that’s why men still rule it. Left brain rules, and how.

8: Men are the Stronger Sex

Women are able to endure 9 times more pain than men. That makes them more durable and last longer – for childbirth. In fact, women have a guaranteed 75 year warranty – to rear multiple generations of offspring. The warranty on most men expires by age 70; age 60 depending on the type of work they do. However, even though the warranty period is lower, men are harder working machines. We have bigger muscles, longer spines, heavier, thicker bones and a much bigger build. As such that makes us more capable of enduring high risk jobs that would make the average woman balk. This is why you’ll predominantly see men in construction, engineering, mining, plumbing, fire fighting, law enforcement, home repair, and everything else in between. Let’s face it: There aren’t enough dykes in the world to keep the gears of industry turning 24/7 and to keep most civilisations from imploding. Triceps rule, and how.

7: Men are the Masters of Civilisation

King Tut

Irrespective of the cause, every one of the greatest civilizations on earth were built and predominantly run by men. From the Akkadians to the Egyptians to the Phoenicians to the Greeks to the Persians to the Babylonians to the Romans to the English, the Spanish, the Ottoman and now the American empire – were all established, developed and predominantly ruled by men. It takes a certain degree of arrogance that is practically unheard of in women to become a world leader & conqueror. The greatest conquerors in history were all men – arrogant, bold, brave and sometimes stupid. We men are the reason history is simultaneously terrifying and exciting and why governments exist today. It is the left-brain propensity to desire power that drives men to the top of this heap. Everybody from King Henry VIII to Ghengis Khan, from Alexander the Great to Napoleon, from Adolf Hitler to George Bush – all men – embody that insatiable quest for power and dominance. None of these empires became world powers by asking nicely – and that’s why women will never feature predominantly in these roles. Machismo rules, and how.

6: Men are Smarter

Isaac NewtonYes I said it. There is overwhelming scientific evidence that proves unequivocally that men are cognitively superior to women. Before you feminists use up your flame war coupon, think of all the GREATEST inventions in human history that forever CHANGED the course of civilisation. They were all made by MEN. Men invented Mathematics, Science & Philosophy. It was a man who started the first University. It was men who harnessed electricity, invented the automobile, developed the first banking system, built the first space ship, developed the first integrated circuit, invented semi-conductors, computers, the internet, television, radio, cable, the hamburger, pencils, erasers, ships, bridges, lightbulbs, the telephone, the telescope, harnessed atomic power, engineered skyscrapers, built the submarine and developed every form of government in human history from Communism to Democracy and every variation in between. I am willing to bet that it will be a man that is the first to build the first faster than light space craft that traverses wormholes. Male genius rules, and how.

5: Men are Better Decision Makers

Bill Gates

Having a stronger left brain makes men clearer, more precise decision makers. Men are not as easily incapacitated by their right brain’s emotional propensities as women are. As such men have a higher capacity for making tough, rational decisions under pressure. That is why men have proven to be more effective at action under duress. As such, you will predominantly find men in positions of leadership; from patriarchs to kings, from CEOs to war generals and everything in between – men rule because that’s what God designed us to do. If you need to run a company out of stagnation, there’s a good chance that men will do it better. If you need to fight a war, history has enough proof that the best generals were men. If you want to stabilise a family, a strong headed and sober patriarch will outdo almost any woman any day of the week. Even women prefer to have patriarchal leaders than matriarchal ones. When the country is in crisis, your soldiers are getting shot, your kids are misbehaving, your company’s sales have dropped, history has proven time and time again, that men are predominantly better for these types of situations.

4: Men are Brave & Bold

How many movies do you remember some dialogue sequence between a male hero and his love interest going more or less like this:

  • Love: Honey, don’t go! It’s too dangerous!
  • Hero: But I must. Somebody’s gotta stop them.
  • Love: But what if you get hurt?
  • Hero: Evil wins when good does nothing. If I don’t come back, know that I love you.
  • Love: (weeps)
  • Hero: (Rides off to combat the bad guys)

George S. PattonCan you count how many movies you know like that on one hand? Probably not. Many films use the dichotomy between the male and female edifice as a vehicle to carry the plot. It’s an all too familiar paradigm that we can relate to in reality. The truth is, if it were left up to womankind, we would not have yet conquered the world, space and be drafting up plans to go beyond. The bravery of men is what conquered the oceans, the rainforests, the jungles, the sprawling deserts, the ice tundras and every epitome in between. It was the daring gut of brave men that discovered ancient ruins sorrounded by deadly forests and vile natives. It is the brave heart of men that tamed the wildest beasts and captured the deadliest ones. It is the bold nerve of explorers who dared to go deep into the earth’s oceans and walk into the void of space. Even though women have now joined their ranks, it was the bravest men who defended their countries against the tyranny of invading dictators. We were the ones that gave meaning to the expression “grow a pair“. Scrotum rules, and how.

3: An Agressive woman is not an attractive woman

…but an agressive man is. This is the reason why when women take on roles in society traditionally occupied by men, they often sacrifice some of their feminine appeal in the process. Every female boss has a bitch streak. There’s no such thing as a woman leader who doesn’t have an indulgent obnoxious side. To be a leader, you must carry some assertive and agressive traits. This goes for both sexes. The quandry is, if a man behaves like that, we just chalk it up to the fact that “boys will be boys”. But when a woman dons these traits, we are tempted to call her a ‘bitch’. Feminists will argue that to call any woman a ‘bitch’ is a double-standard. But this argument fails, because women will always be recognized as the fairer, weaker sex so long as our genetic code continues to perpetuate this reality. This is why in a real sense, women will never be equal to men, even if we men concede to grant them equal political, economic and statutory rights. Any woman who exhibits characteristics that are male centric will always be treated as being less than a woman by most men. So even if such a woman wins the argument, she still looses the respect she hoped to gain (case in point: Hillary Clinton). Any respect she maintains will be out of the virtue of the fact that her body houses a vagina – which is exactly what women were trying to avoid in the first place. Catch 22.

2: Women will always be sexually objectified

I said earlier that I love having a female boss. Let me tell you why. There’s something irresistably sexy about a powerful woman. A skirt climbing the corporate ladder will always carry sex appeal – which increases the higher up she goes. This is especially true if she’s attractive. Case in point: My boss. She is GREAT. She’s easily the best boss I’ve ever had and if she leaves the organisation, I would probably hand in my resignation as well. She’s THAT fabulous. She’s like one of the guys… oops, did I just say that? Well there you go (proving point #3 above). Make no mistake; my boss is tall, slender, fair, gorgeous, sexy, features wonderfully bouncy hair, a million dollar smile, a crazy sense of humor and a knock out personality to boot. In a word – SHE ROCKS… But as a man, even though I treat her with the utmost respect (and believe you me, we love each other as far as a professional relationship could possibly allow), I will admit, that on more than one occasion, in my mind, she’s been thrown over her desk, her skirt tossed over her full, curvaceously succulent rump, her panties torn off, her veloptuous frame held down with one hand in the small of her back while her hands flailed about helplessly, and ravaged… over, and over and over again, like a dirty two dollar who…

…*ahem* … Sorry. My apologies.  Just need to recoil myself there…

Now, while I would never dream of doing that in real life, I can’t tell my brain to shut off those images – after all, I’m just a man. In our little guy-bonding sessions over lunch, I’ve discovered that every male in the organisation who reports to her loves that unfulfilled fantasy of being dominated by this super woman at the office, only to switch that role of power once the clock hits 5:00 pm. Now let me be clear: I would never rape my boss. I would hate myself afterwards (she’s that great a gal). But I also admit that’s just my super-ego talking. I can’t tell that crap to my male ID… and that is why, no matter how far up the corporate ladder women climb, we men will always see them as a piece of meat. We may not necessarily cherish the thought, but so long as we are heterosexual men, no attractive female in power will ever be truly seen as anything more than just that… a female.

1: Because God said so

I believe in purposeful design. Now no matter which religion you hail to, or to which theory of origin you subscribe, one thing is certain: Men and women have very specific roles to play in the scheme of things. At the core, Men are very basic, very simple creatures. We were designed as a rugged, draft version of the human species. Then God designed a more refined, less aggressive, more docile counter specie to facilitate the propagation of the human race. If we think of humans like computer software, then Men would be the full version of a software program with all the bells ‘n whistles but not with a very friendly user interface. Women then would be the Lite version of the software with cool addons but with none of the extra features you’ll never use. So the Male version would be for hardcore users and the female version for people who just want to get the final result. I make this analogy to demonstrate one simple thing: Purpose.

Purpose is the key element that differentiates men and women. Men were designed at our most primal state as hunter/gatherers. Women were designed as nurturers. Hunters need their bravery to track their kill, their larger bones to chase after their prey, and their bigger muscles to kill it. They need their left brain to organise hunting parties, search and rescue operations when a member of the tribe is captured or lost, and expeditions to discover new territories for the group to migrate to when the climate changes. Men need their inflated egos to assert authority over the family and the group, to enforce law and order for those who would seek to cause disharmony and to defend their tribe from invading forces.

The women folk were designed to be more durable so that they could bear the travail of rearing offspring. They were given docile personalities to nurse the wounded when they came back from their adventures, to soothe the minds of small children, to comfort members of the tribe and the family as well as to seduce and make love to their men. They were given a right brain to prepare a meal from the carcass of their male’s kill and to keep the home attractive and subtle. The right brained woman is also likely to become a religious shaman for the group, keeping the tribe’s spiritual and moral compass in key, for religion depends heavily on a right brain to work. In ancient tribes, it is the women folk who would knit clothing for their warriors, mix the paint that label their soldiers and give the tribe an identity.

While women are the binding element of every society, Men give those societies purpose and direction. The old men make the laws that keep the group together and the young men enforce them. The old women define the community element of the tribe while the young women define the families. Each gender plays a specific role. This formula has worked for thousands of years. It worked for our great grand parents, our grand parents and for many of our parents.

So why have modern women now gone and messed it up?


I believe mankind needs to get back to the basics of life. We’ve become so modern and pussified that many of today’s men have become cowards and dead beat fathers. I’m amazed that many male re-education gurus like David DeAngelo have been making oodles of money from pansified men who want to learn how to do something as basic as attracting a woman. I mean, seriously? How pussified have men become these days? Many men become so terrified of the opposite sex these days that I’m starting to wonder if there’s any co-relation between the rise of feminism and the propagation of male homosexuality. I know that there’s no relation between the two elements, but the co-relation is rather conspicuous and hard to ignore. I don’t blame women for what is happening to men these days, because men still rule the world. I blame us men, because not only are we giving into this feminist bullshit that is destroying marriages, families and the general state of male/female relations, but we men are starting to actually believe the lies that these penis-envying dykes started to preach in the 1950’s!

God designed men as rulers of the world. Every religion on earth and every biological dissertation can corroborate this fact. Let’s not forget that. What we must understand is that there is a difference between granting women equal rights and granting women equality. HUGE difference. Now, I’m not trying to be misogynist here. I LOVE women – but when women start to take on the roles in the world that belong to a man, then I fail to see how we’d expect for men and women to continue being lovers. The gossip columns these days are rife with stories of how men and women approach love as though they are going to war. What the hell?! What happened here?! Listen: Somebody has to wear the balls in the relationship and it can’t be the one with the vagina (not even when he abdicates his responsibility). Men need to go back to the basics of life and understand what it means to be male. Women need to go back to be basics of life and understand what it means to be female. There’s simply too much damn confusion between gender roles these days and the adrodgeny is driving me (and marriages) up the wall.

Men: Stop being a pussy and become what your jewels say you are.

Women: Don’t get carried away with the fact that we are willing to give you equal opportunities.

All this talk about female equality is a myth. It is a lie from hell that has taken a simple idea and turned it into something that threatens the very moral fabric of society. If men and women were equal, then we’d all be homosexuals. Somebody has to take the dominant role and someone the passive role. You can’t have two dominants in a relationship. Don’t get me wrong. I don’t have an issue with women doing well for themselves. That’s not the issue here. Rather, Even if a woman is Managing Director at work, so long as she knows that when she gets home, she’s Mrs. so-and-so, everything will work out just fine. Women are just letting this power trip get to their heads and this new world of pussified men are just letting it happen. The mere fact that the phrase ‘Girl-Power’ was ever coined alludes to the fact that it is just a myth. People need to cut out this post-modernist, new wave, cosmo-sexual bullshit and go right back to the simple way God designed it to be.  Simplicity rules, and how.


  1. Muglintar
    March 22, 2017 at 4:00 am

    “if men do not have the capacity to reproduce without women, how is it that men rule the world? ” – since there is no woman yet capable of reproducing without a man, how comes women do claim not to rule the world?

    take all the inventions and advancements done by men and same done by women. If it gets really close, whom would you bet on to find a technologic way for reproduction?

  2. Adam
    September 23, 2015 at 10:23 pm

    What a douche

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