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Christianity on Trial; Third Hearing

“To the simple minded, perception is more meaningful than reality.”


If you’ve been following me so far, you may either be of the opinion that I have a chip on my shoulder or that I’m an atheist. Rest assured, I’m neither. If you had any such opinion, then you’re probably one of those Christians who is of the opinion that dogma is unquestionable and that perhaps it is blasphemous to do so. In that case, I urge you to turn your Bible to 1 Thessalonians 5:21 (see? I even hotlinked it for you so you don’t have to pick up the book). Now that you’ve read it, if you can find another scripture in the Bible that proves that I’m being blasphemous, then I will be acquitted, since that proves that the Bible contradicts itself, which would mean that it’s not a book of truth, which would mean that I’m not committing blasphemy, which would mean that I’m right, you’re wrong and only one of us is an idiot. Yay me. If that’s the case, you can stop reading right here and go back to watching Benny Hinn make a fool out of Christians all over the world.

However, since you and I know that’s not the case, and you still feel compelled to hold on to what you believe, then I’m with you. However, there’s just a few additional things you need to know about what you think you believe. When you’re done reading this, I want you to take a long hard look at what you believe and be honest with yourself: Are you following the truth, or only a perception of it?

I’m just a truth addict – even if it means that the truth will undermine everything I’ve ever believed in. I’m willing to take that risk because I have nothing to loose – and neither do you. You were just made to think that you do because of environmental programming as a child. Don’t believe the fairytales. If you weren’t born in a christian community, you wouldn’t believe in it. So don’t act so surprised. There’s a lot going on in your church on Sundays that has no bearing whatsoever on what you should believe. In fact, some foundation principles of what you believe may be challenged by this post. Let’s get to it:

Faith Healing & Televangelism


Jesus taught that we are healed by our own faith (Matthew 9:22, Mark 10:52, Luke 18:42 & numerous others). In fact, in many cases, Jesus never laid hands on anyone. He merely spoke, they believed and they were healed. Even though the Christ himself insinuated that one could lay hands on the sick that they might be healed (Mark 16:18) which was also endorsed in some fashion by the Apostle Paul (James 5:14), even Jesus himself was amazed at how much he had to quite literally use his own power to creating healing in those who had no faith (Mark 6:5 – 6). Notice the difference here; Christ speaking and people getting healed when they had faith, as opposed to Christ laying hands and healing when the people had no faith. Christ was merely saying these people: Your mind is all you need to effect healing. The laying of hands, anointing with oil (and any other clever gimmick you can think of) is merely a psychological placebo to get the mind to do its thing. So why are faith healers on television pushing people over on stage?

The human mind is a powerful tool. It can create the necessary processes to effect healing where possible. Medical doctors will tell you that keeping a patient in a positive vibe can work wonders for their recovery process. So why do we still subscribe to this notion that we need to feel, see or touch something to recover? It’s because our minds are weak. We have been programmed to believe that physical interactivity is necessary to start the healing process. But if you really look into it, Jesus probably only used his power half of the time when the Bible says he healed people. However, our weak minds are what led us to quack doctors masquerading as faith healers on television, like this con-artist:

The madness that goes on in those services is appalling. Those people could get hurt falling over like that. What will they say then, that the spirit of God broke their neck? Morons. I don’t remember reading anywhere about Jesus pushing anyone over in the Bible. In fact, there are simply no recorded incidents of people falling over and going into a trance like state, or fluttering on the ground as though in an epyleptic seizure to effect healing. As I mentioned before, this sort of activity is inherited directly from the New Age yoga movement, which was imported from India. There is simply no scriptural reference of any kind which documents or even vaguely insinuates that any of this activity is even remotely legitimate. As a matter of fact, the only scripture that describes a similar sort of behaviour, was when a little boy was possessed with a rather powerful demon, that not even Jesus’ desciples could cast out. For that story, read Mark 9:17 – 27. After you’ve done reading it, watch that Benny Hinn video again and notice the eerie similarities.

What you are seeing in those church services (and indeed any others like it) is nothing more than mimicked emotional responses. In other words, christians who see other people in the congregation act a particular way (however absurd), are highly likely to mimic the behaviour when the emotional thrill of the session sets in. The emotional thrill they feel is not the spirit of God (as they would like to say). Rather, it’s their blood going cold from the emotional uproar in the place. Admittedly, it’s quite electrifying, and the excitement is bound to tempt you to do something crazy. So if you’re feeling particularly hyped by the session and everyone else is going crazy, it’s highly probable that you will join in on the fun and go crazy too. Nothing’s more fun when a whole bunch of people in the same room all go crazy at the same time. However, none of that behaviour has anything to do with a manifestation of the Spirit of God. That’s just pure, raw human emotion going unchecked. It’s the same thing that happens to young girls at a Michael Jackson or Back Street Boys concert. It’s not very different. For example, look at this crazy woman enjoying herself “in the spirit“:

She is lucky she didn’t break her neck. Idiot. This kind of crazy behaviour it has become such a cultural phenomenon in modern churches (especially black churches), that most people accept this ludicrous behaviour as being normal – even though there’s no scriptural evidence to support it. In fact, if you believe in a spirit world, then you should also be cognisant of the fact that it is primarily at church services like these to which evil spirits (and indeed, evil people) are drawn. This is because those entities can hide among the crowds without being suspected. For when a demon possesses someone, the behaviour exhibited is no different from what you see in that video.

What about all the healing that takes place?” you ask. Have you been reading anything up to this point? Do you really think that Benny Hinn and any other copycat tv program is actually showing people getting healed on live television? How gullible are YOU? Don’t you notice that there is a MASSIVE audience at the session, but only a few people are getting “touched”? Have you ever wondered why? BECAUSE YOU ARE WATCHING A TV SHOW. Hello?!

You’d think that the obvious nature of this would have hit most people already. Televangelists are charismatic christian actors. They hire people to only pick out people in the audiences that have recovered from their ailments. Noted televangelist Benny Hinn even has doctors who screen out those people who have not yet “received their healing”, so that they don’t come up on stage. Then the show’s editors edit out the footage of Benny Hinn pushing over those people who did not recover. This way, the audience at home only knows about the people he pushed over on stage that recovered. Voila – the con is perfected.

Didn’t your parents ever tell you not to believe everything you see on tv? You silly wabbit.  

Speaking in Tongues

Watch this video before you read on. It is an 8 minute lesson in controlled madness:

If you’ve ever “spoken in tongues” at church, then there’s a very good chance that you were just babbling utter rubbish. Yes, I said it. You’re an idiot, just like 99% of all other Christians who think they’re actually practicing this activity. When the apostles spoke in tongues, people actually understood what was being said (Acts 2:5 – 12) because they were speaking in an actual language. It wasn’t this rubbish babble that you hear in so many charismatic and pentacostal congregations. In fact, on this particular issue, Paul writes that it is pointles to have people babbling away in “tongues” if nobody understood what was said (1 Corinthians 14:5). The whole point of speaking in tongues is for the edification of the church, not for a wanton and indiscriminate display of madness, as it will appear to those looking on who do not believe (1 Corinthians 14:23). So I only have one thing to say to all of you Christians actively participating in this make believe gabberfest:


Most of you are only trying to “show off” with this pretentious nonsense – as if speaking in tongues makes you more righteous than the next man. You only make yourselves out to be fools if you miss the whole point of speaking in tongues. It’d suffice to say that most congregations have completely missed the point. That pretty much says that most Christian congregations that still engage in the practice have become so much involved in the “appearance” of righteousness, that the reality of their dry spiritual state is completely unknown to them. It appears to me, that the pharisees of Jesus’ time are back with a vengeance.

I’ve only heard of one genuine manifestation of speaking in tongues. The woman in question spoke very fluent Spanish, even though she doesn’t know a word of the language. Those of us in the congregation who spoke the language were able to interpret quite comfortably. That was amazing, and that was the only verifiable case that I’ve ever personally encountered. The rest of you morons are doing nothing more than gabbering incoherently like druken 2 month old babies high on crack.

End of Part 3

Listen, don’t be a moron. Just because Christianity is based on a lot of outlandish tales written by ancient men, it does not give you the right to be a fool. Although you had to stretch your imagination to subscribe to the religion in the first place, it doesn’t mean that you can just “invent” new crap or subscribe to crap that someone else invented to spruce up the excitement of the sessions. Don’t let the fact that religion appeals to your emotional side cause you to become so emotional that you fail to see how completely illogical and absolutely ridiculous the things you believe are. I know it’s tempting in Christian circles to chase after those things that seem “really cool“. But in the end, you really have to examine your motivations. Are you doing it because you have a desire to edify, or is it because someone told you to? If you don’t, you’ll be practicing a worthless religion. Unfortunately, so many of you are so caught up with “appearances”, that when you are faced with the actuality of your own profound stupidity, you tend to lean towards justifying the appearance as opposed to the actuality, since that makes it easier for you to swallow.

If you believe in a Devil, then You, like millions of others like yourself, are a willing part of a demonic invasion that has turned religion into a sham, Christianity into a joke, and everyone who even remotely believes in some of the precepts into a laughing stock. You’re an agent of the devil in as much as the people who you judge every Sunday morning from the pulpit. You constantly re-invent this religion, adding new ideologies while twisting existing ones to the point where it becomes plainly obvious that it is a global hoax of epic proportions that has gripped the minds of many clueless, hapless, unintelligent, insipid, gullible, moronic imbeciles that wear their religion on their sleeve like a girl guide selling stale cookies. You all make me sick, and while I am not ashamed of the gospel, I am ashamed to have ever been counted with such moronic jokers as yourselves.

Next: Christianity on Trial – Engineering a Religion

  1. May 28, 2014 at 6:34 am

    Oh my… Let me tell you my teenage years. My mom told me to join this charismatic … community. This community was full of these faith healings and speaking in tongues and whatnot. Funny thing was, when I didn’t feel anything while these events were held (I didn’t cry or yell or doing weird things because I thought I’d look ugly), I genuinely felt like I was the weird one, like I was the one who was wrong in religioning (sorry I had to make words up :P). I often wondered why I didn’t trance like all my friends there?

    Speaking in tongues. All of the people in the community who claimed they can speak in tongues have the same set of blabber. Everybody was sounded the same.

    That, plus the bible quote about the actual speaking in tongues, plus the nonexistant signs that I was healed from my ‘sin’ (homosexuality) made me grew suspicious about the whole deal and changed my perspective in reading the bible. One thing led to another, I stopped going to church entirely.

    This post is weirdly making me nostalgic of my stupid stupid teenage years lol. Thx

  2. January 22, 2009 at 1:11 pm
  3. xenlogic
    September 9, 2008 at 9:56 pm

    Hey Dave,

    I’m glad you’re enjoying this. 🙂 To address your concerns:

    But as to how that portion of scripture proves that the Bible contradicts itself???, please explain to me…

    I’ve been accused by Christians of being blasphemous because I keep asking questions they don’t have an answer to. It’s just a cheap cop out of answering the question. They would like to assert that the Bible says that such behaviour is not of God. If that were the case, then the mere fact that the Bible encourages us to prove all things, contradicts that very premise. You follow?

    you said and even highlighted in red “Your mind is all you need to effect healing.” I totally disagree with that statement… The scripture however didnt mention HOW this healing would be done by that/those person(s) with the gift of healing, whether its getting olive oil or using spit or a magic wand…

    That’s EXACTLY my point. 😉 You answered your own question. Jesus taught that “…by your faith you are healed…”. If we are healed by faith, then the laying on of hands and the rest of it is nothing more than a placebo to get the mind to do its thing. I wish I knew of a good book to recommend to you on psycho-cognitive healing – it’s just that there are so many of them. It’s called “faith healing” for a very good reason.

    I wouldn’t buy any of that “gift of the spirit” misinterpretation that we see in churches today. It’s all a load of horse dung with a side of putrid methane. Most of that stuff isn’t real. It’s largely all show. We know with great certainty that the mind is a powerful tool in effecting healing. This is why healing services at church are so emotionally charged. When you get on an emotional high like that, the body does amazingly efficient self repairs. It’s very well documented.

  4. September 8, 2008 at 9:26 am

    Sorry Xen, as you realized I just found your blog and has been reading through your stuff, so forgive me for my posts that are months late.

    The 1 Thessalonians Passage in your post that said “Prove all things; hold fast that which is good.” Could you explain how this scripture as you said ,
    ” proves that the Bible contradicts itself, which would mean that it’s not a book of truth” … I know that there are instances where the bible contradicts itself but I dont see how that scriptures proves that… from my lay man point of view, that scripture is as it said, “Prove ALL things”… yes in the Christian context and which includes the stupidness that some pastors and church teachers tell people, which some Christians chew up like a good bag of chips…and refuse to prove…But as to how that portion of scripture proves that the Bible contradicts itself???, please explain to me…

    Another thing…which was extremely funny was this comment ” So why are faith healers on television pushing people over on stage? ” I was dying with laughter BUT you said and even highlighted in red “Your mind is all you need to effect healing.” I totally disagree with that statement based on 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 … Speaking about the gifts of the Spirit… To be more specific, verse 9b said from the NIV ” To another gift of HEALING by that one Spirit” (This could mean doctors and nurses, I dont know) … I am sure that is a confirmation that people can heal if we believe what Paul was saying in his letter to the Corinthians… The scripture however didnt mention HOW this healing would be done by that/those person(s) with the gift of healing, whether its getting olive oil or using spit or a magic wand….

    Man your blog cracks me up….DWL, LOL … “It appears to me, that the pharisees of Jesus’ time are back with a vengeance.” I commented about something with the tongues business on your second installment of “Christianity on Trial”

    “The rest of you morons are doing nothing more than gabbering incoherently like druken 2 month old babies high on crack.”

    No please stop I cant take this any more .. DWL…LOL

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