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Christianity on Trial; Second Hearing

“Two billion people believing the same lie doesn’t make it any less of a lie.”


One of the key dangers of religion is the fact that it operates based on lack of proof. This means that anyone can reinvent religious dogma and people will still buy it, because it doesn’t need proof for credibility. So imagine a church congregation packed with believers who’ve just sung a heart warming hymn. It is now that time in the service for the sermon to be ministered. The preacher steps up to the podium and proceeds to elucidate the congregation about things in the Bible they probably already know about. However, today, he decides to take a few liberties with the text, spinning his own version of the “truth” to the audience. Nobody in the congregation knows any better, since they assume that the pastor must know what he’s talking about. Everybody just nods “amen” until the altar call and the service wraps. They close their Bibles, go home, and forget at least half of what was said earlier that day. It is those who don’t forget and dare to question the pastor’s logic who are often considered outcasts and heretics. How dare you think differently? They are told: “Don’t question it! Just have faith! God moves in mysterious ways…blah, blah, blah“… Stop me if this is sounding all too familiar.

If you can identify with anything in the above paragraph, then this post is for you. Read on, wayfaring stranger.

This sort of madness happens quite often. It is common to every religion in the world. Christianity has its own share of these twists and spins on actual Bible teaching. While Islam has its own share, I could really care less to elaborate on them, since it’s pretty obvious where those self-sacrificing morons went off the beaten track. However, Christianity has had time to mature as a faith and has gone through all of the same teething pains that Islam is now experiencing (remember the Roman Catholic Crusaders of the 12th Century?). So technically, Christianity is not much better. However, even though Christianity has done some serious growing up since 800 years ago, there are still lots of misses in the dogma. Much of what Christians believe is either blatantly false or an outright lie – and most of them couldn’t care less. Here are some of the most popular ones:

Misbehaving In Church

Have you ever been to a church service where during one of the worship sequences, people seem to immediately loose control of their bodies and start either falling down randomly or convulsing as though experiencing an epyleptic seizure? Pretty frightening isn’t it? They claim that this is being “Slain in the spirit”. There is absolutely, positively NO scriptural reference to this, as if the Bible would actually rationalise convulscing erratically like a mad person on the floor (then again, there are really outlandish things in the Bible). There is simply no scriptural documentation whatsoever that justifies this behaviour, yet the practice persists in many church congregations. There are many variations of this peculiar behaviour. In most cases, it happens when a faith healer touches the forehead of a nearby worshipper, causing them to literally fall over – backwards. If you don’t see the obvious danger to this sort of thing, then you are seriously deluded.

But wait, there’s more: In the many congregations that I’ve visited, I’ve seen people:

  • Running in circles
  • Shrieking out loudly like a banshee out of hell
  • Laughing in the spirit (I kid you not!)
  • Jumping around erratically (very common in Pentecostal denominations)

 The only thing I’ve yet to see is people doing ninja backflips off the wall. I’m pretty sure if any of them were fit enough, they would probably pull it off. But all of this nonsense behaviour is rubbish. There is no documentation in the Bible to support it. In fact, what many Christians don’t know is that this practice was inherited from the Yoga New Age movement of the early 20th century. This inspired the Charismatic movement in Los Angeles, California in the 1920’s. Every bit of behaviour that I’ve described here is identical to those exhibited in the Yoga New Age movement. The only difference is that those who practice those deep Yoga meditations are more honest about it: They meditate for long periods of time, opening their minds and clearing their thoughts to the point where a rush of emotive “feeling” overwhelms them. If you know anything about Witchcraft, then you will also know that this practice is identitcal to how witches channel demons.

…but wait a minute, aren’t Christians supposed to be enemies of demons? So why are they inviting demons to church with them? One thing is for certain to this writer: The spirit of God doesn’t manifest itself in these loud, obnoxious, moronic, imbecilic, childish, depraved ways. According to the Bible, the behaviours synonymous with the spirit of God among other things includes self-control (Galatians 5:22-23). So none of those other types of weird outlandish behaviours could have been manifested by the spirit of God.  That type of behaviour is more indicative of demonic manifestation – or more likely, a severe psychotic disorder.

Oh wait, you think you felt something in the church service right? If you think that it’s actually the Spirit of God because you “feel” it, then please be reminded of a very common psychological quirk that all humans share: We tend to mimic the emotional expressions of others around us. If you hang out with angry people, you are likely to become angry. If you roll with happy people, then you too will feel happy. If you talk to boring or smart or energetic or eccentric or creative or [insert your favourite adjective here] people, you are likely to become just like them. Therefore, if you go to church with crazy people, then rest assured; you too will become just as butt-flipping, looney-tunes crazy as they are. So stop chatting rubbish about “I felt the holy spirit in the place”. What you felt is an electrochemical reaction created by your brain that allows you to empathise with those around you. Yes, it’s nothing more than good ‘ol empathy – the human capacity to share in the emotional state of others. Don’t look so disappointed. You didn’t expect to be stupid forever, did you?

Tithing and still broke 

If you pay tithes, you’ve probably been guilt tripped many times by your quack pastor into doing so, in hopes of happy returns. Give to the Lord and he will reward you abundantly – sounds familiar right? Well let me ask you a question: Are you still broke? You wanna know why? Read this: Quite simply, tithing was a tax operation designed to ensure that the tribe of Levi (who were all priests) could be sustained by the other 11 tribes of Israel. They did no work of their own to sustain themselves. However, since they took care of all the religious needs of the rest of the tribes of Israel, tithing was instituted to ensure that the Levites had something to eat, someplace to rest their heads and money to do business. That was the purpose of tithing. It serves no other useful purpose outside of this context. Tithing is now an obsolete operation and it was only meant to sustain the Jewish economy in the desert.

There is absolutely NO reference whatsoever of tithing in the New Testament which defines the tenets of Christianity. The only thing that the Bible makes reference to, is giving freely. The Bible teaches that God loves a cheerful giver and prefers if people donated freely and without compulsion to the operations of the church (2 Corinthians 9:7). Furthermore, you are not obligated to pay any specific amount. Despite this fact, there are still church congregations where tithing is being taught as a necessity for membership – some go as far as dictating that it’s a mandate for entering heaven! If your church congregation still teaches that you are required to give them 10% of your earnings (some go as far as to say that it’s 10% of your gross and not net earnings) then rest assured: YOU ARE BEING CONNED.

Con artists can manifest any visage they like: Including that of “God fearing people”. The most dangerous con artists are those who become pastors. Everybody listens to the pastor, so long as what he is saying vaguely resembles what is actually written in the Bible. Most people won’t double-check what he says anyway, which guarantees that the con will work. I find that most people who believe these sorts of lies are usually too lazy to think for themselves. So they go to church on Sundays to subscribe to the noisy obnoxious rants of somebody else who is willing to do it for them. If you are still bent on paying tithes, let this video educate you on what many pastors do with your offering:

Life After Death

A key teaching in Christianity is life after death or the resurrection. It is the single most appealing quality about the religion’s dogma that makes it so popular. The thought of not having death being the final act provides great hope for many believers. However, the tale of life after death has been stretched and doctored. It has been doctored for so long that most people now accept the new rubbish teaching: Many Christians are of the notion that when they die, immediately afterwards, their spirits will be whisked off to its final destination in either heaven or hell – even though there’s nowhere in the Bible that supports this teaching.

This misappropriation of truth is spawned out of a misunderstanding of two scriptures in the Bible. The first says that men die once, afterwhich, their spirits will face judgement (Hebrews 9:27). But that’s all the scripture says. It doesn’t say that the judgement occurs immediately after death, just that it follows. It’s like saying that if you save your money at the bank, you will get rich. Getting rich isn’t that straight forward however, since many people have bank accounts but are still broke. There are many other things that you’d need to do to get to that stage – like getting a job. If people went straight to heaven or hell immediately after they died, then this wouldn’t make any sense if there is to be a resurrection, where all the dead in Christ rise out of their graves to meet Him in the air (1 Thessalonians 4:15 – 17). Why resurrect all those souls if they’re already in heaven? Feel pretty stupid don’t you? Yeah… it’s going to get worse.

The second misinterpreted scripture recounts a conversation Christ had with a criminal on the cross next to him. Christ basically tells the dude that “today you will be with me in paradise” (Luke 23:43) just before the dude kicks the bucket. However, what many people fail to realise is that Salvation didn’t actually become effective until Christ died. The criminals kicked the bucket before Jesus did, and thus would not have had the chance to reap salvation like we do.

However, the Bible shows that when Jesus died, his spirit went down into hell, and preached to all those souls that died before Him (1 Peter 3:18-20) – which would include the criminal on the cross. But this was a one off operation. It will never happen again that way. Everyone who dies now will not experience anything (Ecclesiastes 9:5) until that day when they are resurrected. The passage of time between death and the ressurrection will not have been experienced by those who die. Therefore, as soon as their life fades, the very next thought they will have, is the ressurrection event. All people who have died now will have to wait until that resurrection event to go to either heaven or hell (John 5:28-29). So it does not happen immediately after death. To the dead, it only feels that way. This has very serious implications

Everyone who has testified about confirming the heavenly fate of a loved one that has died in a dream where they see them living in heaven is a liar. Dreams are just the subconscious mind’s way of visualising one’s emotions. If one feels longing, regret, sorrow, pain, disbelief or even hopefulness after their loved one dies, it is highly probable that those emotions will become converted into dreams. People have dreams about their work place (when stressed) about their lovers (when in love) about their families (when worried) and virtually anything else that they have a strong emotion about. Do not believe the rubbish these idiots say. Nobody goes to heaven or hell until the resurrection. Anything else is a lie. Plain and simple.

Everyone who has testified about having an out of body or near death experience where they saw Jesus is a liar. Out of body experiences (floating above your clinically dead body, or through a tunnel towards a light, or even meeting Jesus himself) are the result of every synapse in the brain of someone who is dying firing off at the same time. Therefore all of their most powerful emotions and memories get filtered to the top as their memory unravels like the thread in a poorly made sweater. They experience the sensation of having their “life flash before their eyes”. The bright light is the last ounce of electricity seeping out of the brain as death sets in.

The out of body sensations are just the nervous system shutting down, thus disconnecting the conscious mind from the nerve receptors in the body – hence the feeling of “unbounded floatation”. If the body doesn’t quite die, the neurons which separate the subconscious and conscious mind will have “gone dead”, thus inducing a live dream state where the subconscious mind floods into the conscious one. This is where these people’s hopes of going to heaven manifest itself in a very lucid dream. Scientifically, the most lucid dreams only occur in the deepest sleep, and every doctor will tell you that medically speaking, sleep is a lot like death. Again, nobody goes to heaven immediately after they die. If they do, then the Bible is a load of crock.

End of Part 2

I’m not even done yet, and I still have more amunition to burn. A lot of people prefer to live in denial because it’s easier to do. This is part of the reason why so many Christians believe these nonsense ideas. A simple cursory perusal of scripture would have easily debunked many of the absolutely preposterous things they believe. I’m not going to stop there. The next post will question the very validity of some of the more popular fads in Christianity. Always remember though; just because so many people believe the same garbage, it doesn’t mean that it’s valid. If everyone in your group jumped off a cliff, would you follow them?

Ignore the question if you fear feeling lonely. You’d probably be better off splattered on the rocks like the rest of the morons you go to church with anyway.

Next: Christianity on Trial – God vs. Benny Hinn et. al.

  1. xenlogic
    September 9, 2008 at 10:28 pm


    I LOVED reading your response. I echo each and every single one of your concerns to the “T”, as we Jamaicans would say. MY GOSH! This one took the cake for me:

    pastor waved his Jacket to the left, the people fell on the left side of the ground and when he waved it to the right, the people get up off the floor and fell to the right…

    Da one deh MEK IT! LMAO!!! 😀 JAH KNOW!!! LOL LOL LOL!!! Man I keeled over laughing when I read that. OMG… I’m laughing to tears… DWL!!!!!!

    *…5 minutes later…regaining composure…*

    My friend, THAT is the madness that people call Christianity. It is utter, absolute, profound, MADNESS. I for one want no part in it. I grew up in the church and have had my fill of the garbage. When I hit 23, I got sick of it and stopped going to that church altogether. Nobody could explain the madness to me and everyone was chatting garbage (and misbehaving in church!). I found a great congregation on Swallowfield road. It’s a heck of a lot better than most congregations (none of the crazy BS) and they stick to very pragmatic christian teachings (Which technically are very universal ideas). They’re not perfect (not by a long shot) but it is a heck of a lot better than what I grew up with.

    My only issue is that it is still Christianity and I still have my doubts because irrespective of which church you go to, there are just some core concepts that are utter BS (like Christmas, tithing, etc.). Furthermore I realised that most people only used church services for all the same reasons sinners used night clubs. Everybody is sleeping with everybody (even married couples were swinging) and in some cases, church either facilitated itself as nothing more than a dating club or a high rollers’ social club. I eventually became disillusioned when I realised that sunday after sunday, I was learning nothing new, that I could easily rebut most of what any pastor was teaching and that ultimately, people were christians because they were RAISED christian – not because it makes sense.

    The only reason I am not an atheist is simply because I’ve never heard of a single atheist argument that made sense either. It’s all the same BS – just on the opposite side of the fence. Secretly, I WANT Christianity to be a real faith and I WANT it to mean something. But then I realised that the only reason why I want these things is not because I genuinely need them. It’s simply because I wanted to feel like I didn’t waste some 18 years of my life following a worthless religion. That’s when I eventually realised that the phrase “worthless religion” is just as redundant as saying “political corruption”. To be abundantly clear, that is also the same as saying “dirty mud”.

    I got depressed about the whole thing and was sulking for some years about it until I met a girl who went through EXACTLY the same thing as I did. But you know what Dave? I learned something really important from that girl. Religion isn’t for everyone. There are some minds which are so simple that they NEED religion to survive. Those are the people who become emotionally enraptured in religion and believe every bit of nonsense that is remotely related to their faith. Then there are some minds which are so naturally autonomous that religion serves to be more of a hindrance than a necessity. For minds like ours, absorbing religion is like trying to mix oil in water. It just won’t work because our minds just aren’t wired simply enough to make it work.

    So now that I understand the necessity of religion, I don’t feel so bad for the people who get caught up in it. I, like you, believe that there are only two important laws:

    1. Acknowledge God by
    2. Showing our love for others

    I too agree that above those two simple rules, there are no other laws. This effectively renders religion in all its forms inherently redundant. If Jesus was in fact a real person, then that teaching he gave renders the rest of the Bible redundant. You don’t need religion to acknowledge these two simple principles. Everything else is just a clever, meaningless distraction.

  2. September 8, 2008 at 12:50 am

    Again wonderful well thought out points. I normally stay away from arguments about religion, politics and race because sometimes people mis-understand what I am trying to say and then go off on a gradient…But sometimes we just need to call a spade a spade.

    I have visited countless denomonitions as a Christian myself and have tonnes of debates with different people from different denoms…, notice how close the word denoms is to demons…
    Some go off and say I think too much, while others were just dogmatic and too deep in their faith to even consider what I am saying…

    I remember hearing from a friend at a very popular church in Portmore Jamaica which shall remain anonymous, that she is not on the church choir yet because she is not yet “FILLED”… I asked her “Filled” with what??? LOL sorry I had to… Several persons from the Pentecostolic/apostolic movement believe that if you dont speak in tongues, then you are not a Christian and you wont go to heaven… Apostolics go as far as to say if you are not baptised in JESUS’ name only, then you are not a Christian….. WHAT?????? I just cannot argue with these people so I stay away… I am however a performer, so if any of them ask me to give an item at their church, I will go… Try asking some of them to come to your church…Either they have a camp or some fund raising something and wont be able to attend.

    Why do so many of them believe that what they learnt is always right?? And that only their belief makes sense while everything else is a load of bull??? My very basic personal conviction to Christianity is that we should love God, love eachother and love ourselves (If many people followed this simple principle, a whole lot of these crap in the world wouldnt be going on)… I know there is a whole lot more but as I said, my basic conviction… Not to constantly preach about tithe or sabbath, or slain in the Spirit or speaking in tongues that only they can understand… To this very day, I am yet to hear an interpretation of tongues…but I hear the tongues all the time…

    A relative of mine tend to go in this fit of rage that you mentioned in your blog, when ever she start to sing and dance etc.. It takes nothing for her to go off… I of course when I see this wonder, why on earth would God want to do this to someone… I tell people I dont know what spirit is doing that and they would look at me strange… But really I dont know, I dont know if its God or the devil I just dont… You gave your explanation that it resembles some witch craft stuff but I simply dont know… I question it though…

    What I hate the most is when a man/woman go up and tell people that THIS IS WHAT THE SCRIPTURE REALLY MEANS…As if they knew the mind of God or the person who wrote the scripture. Some dont think that what they say can be debated, but hey remember its the scriptures…Ohh man, those poor, seventhday, apostolic, pentecoastal and many other faith…kids that are indoctrinated from such an early age…my my … and to even consider going to another church or to think outside of box, is blasphemy….I understand when you are trying to teach the scriptures but dont shove it down peoples throats and say “THIS IS IT” like the pope…Too many pastors and church teachers think their words are infallible, man thats what I hate.. PEOPLE THINK FOR YOURSELVES and READ with an open mind…Ask God for wisdom….

    I remember watching BBC and the pope was saying that many of the protestants need to come back to their roots and come back to the catholic church!!! WHAT!!!! If the Catholics are right, the Seventh days are right, the apostolics are right, the mormons are right, the Jehoviah Witnesses are right, some of these “whatever ministries” are right… And every one else is preaching madness, then who is going to go to heaven then???? This narrow minded thinking drives me nuts I tell you… What about all of us coming together as one and worship??? I wonder if they ever even concidered that….I think they are too busy preaching against other denoms etc

    What I also hate is when a one man/woman had a dream that God told them to do this and ray ray then they get a huge following to further their “DREAM”…. PEOPLE THINK!!!! the problem with these dreamers is that they wont stop it, because hey it brings in money sometimes….. I am not sure if the Seventh Day Adventists know that the core of their forming came from William Miller, who predicted that Christ was coming on a particular date but Christ ended up changing his mind to the next year and changed his mind again…. ahh boyyyy.. Give me one good reason why I should listen to this man or his teachings again…

    The thing is that, people give these men/women too much power and they just weild it left and right… I remember at a crusade I attended where this pastor was praying for the people at the altar and he waved his “holy” jacket and people started falling like dry leaves at autumn in Japan to the floor… My friend who was a Christian started to make fun saying that when the pastor waved his Jacket to the left, the people fell on the left side of the ground and when he waved it to the right, the people get up off the floor and fell to the right…

    I challenge many pastors of my faith in theological debates and I dont know if they think I am being disrespectful because some of them I believe, think of themselves as too high and mighty….for example, within the movement that I am a apart of (Ohh in Jamaica I attend a Baptist Church), the pastors sometimes start out at a poor church/circuit then they move up the line and sometimes eventually make it to a well off church/circuit… I deared to ask a pastor once, why is it that God never called them to stay in the poor church or send them to a poorer church… Up until this day I cant get a sound answer… but for some strange reason, God always make them go to a more well off church than the previous one….Wayy too interesting for me I think…I should be careful because I may become a pastor one day and they might use my arguments to prayerfully justify some injustice 😀 … and the worst type of politics is church politics…

    I had this blog idea just like you and actually started on some topics similar to yours last year at http://www.davecolly.blogspot.com, but I just simply could not bother maintaining it. I now put pretty much my very life in Japan on a blog because pretty much everyday is something new and exciting or weird… at http://www.davecollyjap.blogspot.com..


  3. Chris Taylor
    May 1, 2008 at 6:17 pm

    Matthew 22:29 29 But Jesus answered and said to them, “You are mistaken, not understanding the Scriptures nor the power of God.


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