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The Mechanized Universe

The Universe always unfolds exactly as it should.


Have you ever contemplated the existence of a God?

Most people believe in some God they can’t even define. Yet others are willing to believe so blindly that they are easily fooled and led to believe in virtually anything their gullible minds are capable of absorbing. The trouble with belief systems is that they rely on the believer to have faith – which is simultaneously our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Faith is a form of hope based on unsubstantiated evidence – that’s why it’s not without a sense of deception. As such, any system of belief that requires faith for solubility, is an intrinsically dangerous belief. Because it is through these unprovable systems of belief that peoples have been oppressed and / or slaughtered – all for an idea for which people cannot substantiate.

I do not subscribe to blind faith based religion. In fact, if anything, I subscribe to a sustainable philosophical way of life. When the ideology becomes bogged down with the inexplicable specificity of religion, then it looses its philosophical meaning and becomes more about the rituals than the philosophical ideology. It doesn’t matter what labels people choose to use for religion. At the end of the day, they all boil down to the same thing – worship of the great unknown. Men have always worshipped the unknown. We’ve all been hard wired to subscribe to this idea through some genetic permutation, which no doubt is a part of the grand design. It is that grand design that fascinates me, and which led to my first truly deep philosophical epiphany:

We live in a Mechanised Universe.

I will attempt to completely unify every single religion under the sun using the simplified concept that our universe was designed, specifically to fulfill a grand purpose, however innocuous or fatalistic the nature of its innumerable components. This will get a little deep, so follow me carefully:

Proof of a Maker

Theists rejoice. There is a God. We may disagree on what we call Him, but the bottomline is that a super being does exist. We know this from several proofs:

  1. Cogitative Summa – If we can think of a thing, then so long as we know how to either bring it to be or at least discover that it is, then that thing does exist – irrespective of whether or not its existence has entered into our knowledge. What we may not be able to bring about today will probably exist tomorrow through a passage (hence, summation) of knowledge from one generation to the next. The continuous summation of human thought always creates discovery. The conceptualization that preceeds discovery is as a result of methodically proven thought. Therefore, if we can methodically think of the possibility of an all powerful being, our inability to substantially quantify the existence of such an entity outside of quantum mechanics is immaterial to the fact that such a being does exist.
  2. Purpose in Design – Everything that exists has been proven to have purpose. The existence of our world, the environment which sustains life, the life forms that live there, even their acts of procreation – everything occupies a niche of purposeful design. Nothing can exist without purpose. Our inability to determine the purpose of a thing does not mean that this idea is flawed. That is merely a failure in our cognitive capacity to determine that purpose – which will happen eventually because of cogitative summa. Purpose in design automatically insinuates cause and effect. This is the single most important of all proofs.
  3. Causation – Every designer creates specifically with a purpose in mind. To set that purpose in motion, the designer must become the first cause. Everything else about the design thereafter is an effect of that first cause. This creates an endless propagation of cause and effect, thus giving material definition to the entire design. All things that are meant to be (because of deliberate, purposeful design) will come to be. Therefore no effect that is produced occurs accidentally. It’s a very deliberate part of the entire design.
  4. Omnipotence – If there is purpose in design, and purpose ostensibly materialises as cause and effect, then the designer is the master of the design. If the universe is designed, then the designer is the master thereof. If all knowledge and all power that could possibly exist is a part of the universe, then the designer of the universe must therefore be all powerful. If the designer is all powerful, then accidents are impossible and the universe always unfolds exactly as it should.
  5. Chaos vs. Order – If the universe always unfolds exactly as it should, then there is no chaos. That would mean that chaos is a phenomenon based on our inability to perceive the full quantification of a particular element in the design. That means the idea of chaos is intrinsically flawed, and only describes a failure in human understanding. That also automatically insinuates, that other human ideas such as choice and luck are also fundamentally flawed, because both of those ideas are based on the same principle that gave birth to the concept of chaos – an inability to thoroughly perceive the whole design.

If there is purpose, then there is design. If there is design, then there is cause and effect. If there is cause and effect, then it ratifies the existence of a design and automatically proves that some designer must likewise exist. If we are to assume that all knowledge and power exists in the universe, then that automatically makes the designer omnipotent. That designer is what we refer to as God.

God created a mechanical universe – one in which all of its components come together in a very specific way to produce very specific outcomes. This is why God appears to have the ability to see the future. Technically, God’s ability to see the future is the same as our ability to predict where the hands on a clock will go. Because we understand the design of the clock, we can predict the results. The same can be said about God and this universe. Because He is the designer, it is therefore only logical that He can “foresee” events before they occur. This is because the very design of the universe is such that those outcomes are also a part of the design – just as much as we know what the hand position on a clock will be when it’s 6:00 p.m. The universe is entirely mechanical in design. It’s a cosmic automated machine, operating on very strict rules with very specific outputs. However, because we are so infinitely small, we are only seeing a tiny fraction of its immense size.

In tomorrow’s post, I will discuss the finer points of what God is. This should give us all a very clearer picture of what we believe. Tomorrow’s post will be directed specifically at theists who believe that faith is sufficient. Unfortunately, it’s never that simple. When you get to a deeper understanding of the true nature of God, I guarantee you will look at the entire universe, and indeed, your very beliefs in a whole new light.

Stay tuned.

  1. October 13, 2010 at 6:30 pm

    Hmm..I seem to be worried about a point here.

    If this universe is so mechanized as you say (which I also believe), then are we in control of our destinies? It seems like you’re subscribing to an anti-Christian version of Calvinism. What I mean by this is-One has no real “choice” in what he or she will become, since the outcome is already set in this mechanized world. If one becomes an absolute success, then he/she was bound to be; it simply is meant to happen. Same would be for an absolute failure.

  2. Brandon Malave
    December 28, 2009 at 6:47 pm

    This God seems very deistic….I think theists would be disappointed.

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